Dizgo, the dynamic quartet known for their electrifying blend of rock, jam, and dance music, proudly announces the release of their latest studio album, "Melt." Available for streaming and download at SymphonicMS, "Melt" represents a significant milestone for the band, encapsulating the evolution of their sound and the deepening of their artistic vision.


On Saturday, November 25, the Taft Theater in Cincinnati was graced with an unforgettable and impactful Papadosio concert. The five-member psychedelic 'jamtronic' band delivered an impressive two-hour performance filled with non-stop music.

Today marks a milestone for the Midwest funk and jam quartet, Dizgo, as they unveil their electrifying debut single, "Rainbow Lightning." This release is not just a new song; it's an auditory adventure that showcases the band's devotion to pushing the limits of genre and sound.


Famed for their transformative fusion of jamtronica, funk, soul, and psychedelic rock, DIZGO is set to take center stage at the Fox Theatre on Thursday, January 25, 2024. Their name, resonating within the jamband scene, hints at a dizzier disco—a dance party at its core, but one enriched with a plethora of genres, styles, and technical influences.

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