Elements Music & Arts Festival

72-hours of camping, dancing, and countless other unique exploits at a field of festival dreams await all who attend Elements Music & Arts Festival. Today, Elements is excited to announce the next phase of talent that includes Grammy award winning indie/electronic artist Tycho, “alien bass music” heavyweight Shlump, Desert Hearts’ Porky B2B Marbs, tech house maestro Chapter & Verse, and more.

Elements Music and Arts Festival is the kind of event spoken of in exhilarated tones and with wide eyes. Its mystique is self-sustaining and continues to lure attendees to immerse in 72-hours of car camping, dancing, and countless other unique exploits — like aerialists rappelling from a 100-foot grain silo—at this field of festival dreams if you think it (or even if you don’t) it will come.

Get ready to re-emerge and once again discover your true self as you explore a world where the 4 Elements lead you on the adventure of a lifetime! Journey home and be a part of the reunion at the amazingly curated Elements Music & Arts Festival where all you have to do is take a chance, put on your best costume and roller-skate into the sunset this Labor Day weekend.

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