Graber Gryass

Graber Gryass, a collective of musicians from Memphis, has put out an album that's far from your standard bluegrass fare. Their latest release, entitled Waking Up, boasts a peculiar and offbeat character that's hard to pin down. When asked about the inspiration behind the new album, guitarist and vocalist, Michael Graber, shared that the band aimed to push the boundaries even further with Waking Up. "We wanted to stay song-centered, but we also wanted to explore new sounds and styles," he said.

Memphis-based bluegrass collective Graber Gryass have officially released their second LP, Spaceman's Wonderbox. The LP follows 2020's Late Bloom, and was recorded during the same sessions.

With Spaceman’s Wonderbox, Graber Gryass stretches out, pushing genre limits even further than the traditionally-based Late Bloom.


Graber Gryass is an all-original, acoustic jam grass band from Memphis, TN. The band is hitting the festival circuit as soon as possible. They released their first LP, Late Bloom, in October 2020. The second LP, Spaceman’s Wonderbox, hits the market late Spring of 2021.


Michael Graber was a very anxious child, and he could only ever find peace between the folds of an expansive musical universe.

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