Jack Broadbent

UK guitar virtuoso Jack Broadbent releases “Midnight Radio” from his upcoming album Ride out April 8th.  Describing “Midnight Radio” as  “a song for the night owls, for the people that love their music by moonlight and stars,”  Broadbent’s distinctive voice accompanies the country-blues track with a swinging jazz groove.

British musician Jack Broadbent releases “Ride,” the title track and video from his upcoming album Ride out April 8th.  The blues-heavy rock track offers a groove-infused, updated take on the classic road song, as Broadbent barrels down the highway in a convertible with his guitar.

Little Feat have been powering through the end of their By Request Tour this November, and this past week Grateful Web caught one of the last shows, in the low key but luxurious space the Calvin Theatre in Northampton, MA.

Hailed as “the new master of the slide guitar” by the Montreux Jazz Festival, and “the real thang” by the legendary Bootsy Collins, singer-songwriter, Jack Broadbent, returns after 3 years to deliver an upbeat and smooth slide guitar performance in his new single “Wishing Well”.

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