Jah Sun

Jah Sun is back from his Summer European tour performing in front of sold-out shows. Jah states from the tour, “one of the highlights for me was when a fan approached security in tears asking to meet me. He told me how he was diagnosed with cancer and underwent treatment. After two years he beat it and is cancer free. He said my music especially the song “Never Give Up” was inspirational to him.

In the early 2000’s, Jah Sun, was a young man without a plan. He had found some early local success in hip-hop music, but was no longer walking a clear path. A spiritual awakening, in the form of discovering Bob Marley, rocked Jah’s world.  The once “misguided youth” began learning about Rastafari, growing out his dread locks and committing to a healthy lifestyle while emerging himself in the beauty of the culture. He returned to making music, releasing his first album, The Height of Light, in 2006 and never looking back.

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