Jah Sun Releases New Video - "Ghetto Ballad"

Article Contributed by Press Junkie PR | Published on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Jah Sun is back from his Summer European tour performing in front of sold-out shows. Jah states from the tour, “one of the highlights for me was when a fan approached security in tears asking to meet me. He told me how he was diagnosed with cancer and underwent treatment. After two years he beat it and is cancer free. He said my music especially the song “Never Give Up” was inspirational to him. It was very touching and a reminder to me why I do this kind of music!" Jah returns to the States and unleashes his new music video for “Ghetto Ballad.” The video premiered over at Huffington Post. View Jah’s European tour photos here http://bit.ly/JahSunTourPhotos
The stunning music video for “Ghetto Ballad” is the visual component to the track off of Jah Sun’s new album, Between The Lines, which was critically acclaimed and has The Huffington Post stating about Jah, “What’s unique about Jah Sun’s sound is his lyrical virtuosity, along with precise arrangements and an abundance of charisma that affects his music with a palpable energy…His raspy tenor emanates charm and genuine bliss, an optimism that persists throughout the song as if happiness is the prime verity and to think otherwise is sheer craziness. This kind of optimism can’t be faked or mimicked; it’s real and comes from some inner force within him. And it’s contagious.” Jah Sun has also inked a deal with Six Degrees Records’ distribution via InGrooves for Between The Lines.
Other accolades include The Pier expressing, “Jah Sun is a distinguished Reggae artist whose message of hope has captivated audiences worldwide. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of musical styles, Jah Sun’s aspires to awaken in his audience the desire to meet the challenges of life and to live to their ultimate potential,” while TopShelf Reggae reflects “Jah Sun’s charisma billows forth with his smart lyricism and gripping arrangements throughout. Every tune is memorable on Between the Lines, from lyrical and melodic hooks to his passion and tenor.”
The recording, as well as writing, of Between the Lines was a departure for Jah Sun. Working with a diverse group of musicians helped set the tone, as well as the decision to work with other writers for the first time. “In the past, I had a pre-produced composition to write to, but this time we wrote everything from scratch, using a guitar and piano. I learned something new, that when the lyrics and music are born at the same time, it creates a totally different vibe than writing to a beat.”

In addition to the co-writes, Jah Sun worked with some heavy hitters in the world of reggae including Dean Fraser (Taurus Riley), Dave “Prime Time” Green (Alborosie), Nikki Burt (Damien Marley), Merrick Shaw (Omi), Sam Gilly & his “House of Riddim” band from Austria and strings from Grammy winner Phil Peterson (Flo-Rida, Pink, Maroon 5). Completing the all-star talent were engineers Oz Fritz (Tom Waits, Blur) and Dario Cassilo. The album was also co-produced with the Dubtronic Kru.
Jah’s well rounded album will keep his longtime fans engaged, but should also gain new ones especially  in the Cali Roots ‘movement’ and conscious music scene. The music on Between the Lines delivers a combination of good vibes, happiness, love, and joy to all who embrace it.