John Fullbright

Nashville multi-instrumentalist Fats Kaplin is the host of the Thursday, Nov. 3 taping of “Live From Cain’s,” a public radio show for a live audience at Tulsa’s historic Cain’s Ballroom, the show’s producers announced today.

The public at large hasn’t heard much from John Fullbright since his critically lauded album Songs; a chasm of eight years that seemed unthinkable for someone with so much hype—including a GRAMMY nod, an Americana Music Association Emerging Artist nomination and awards from ASCAP and the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame—surrounding his early career. Why did it take so long?

While straightforward songwriting certainly has its place in every last genre of music, it's the sneaky, or clever, or “is this a joke or not?” kind of tunes that can really leave a lasting mark on discerning listeners. John Fullbright’s new single, “Social Skills,” is a striking example of the GRAMMY-nominated musician’s deviously masterful songcraft; combining deeply funny lyrics with a distressed delivery that leaves listeners confused about whether or not they’re supposed to laugh.

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