Johnny Cash

Today, May 10th, 2024, we at Grateful Web celebrate the birthday of Maybelle Carter, a true pioneer of American music. Her contributions to the genres of Bluegrass and Americana are profound, resonating through the decades and continuing to inspire artists and fans alike. Maybelle Carter was not just a musician; she was a monumental force in shaping the sound and spirit of American roots music.

On this fine February day, the 26th to be exact, of the year 2024, we at Grateful Web spin our cosmic dials back to the roots, to the very soil of Americana, where the seeds of rhythm and blues, country, and that sacred bluegrass were sown. Into this fertile ground, a man by the name of Johnny Cash sprouted, his voice as deep and rich as the earth, casting shadows and light across the landscape of American music.


The Johnny Cash Museum, a cornerstone of Nashville's country music legacy, proudly secures the title of Best Music Museum in the 2024 USA Today/10Best Readers’ Choice Travel Awards. This marks its second consecutive year clinching the honor, firmly establishing it as the only museum to achieve this remarkable recognition twice in a row. As an added layer of significance, the celebration coincides with Cash’s upcoming birthday on February 26.


The acclaimed Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville has once again secured a prestigious nomination in USA Today's 10 Best Music Museums. After clinching the No. 1 spot in 2023, the museum is poised for yet another triumph, concluding a spectacular year highlighted by record-breaking visitor numbers and commemorating its monumental 10-year anniversary in May. Readers can vote for their choice once a day until Monday, February 12.


If you’re going to capture the mystique and resonance of Johnny Cash onstage, you better have the raw prowess as well as the reverberating voice. Jay Ernest, the driving force propelling Minneapolis-based Church of Cash, has both in spades. With his bandmates, Ernest brings the iconic Man in Black to life every time he takes the concert platform.

Icon Entertainment Group’s Johnny Cash Museum – which has become a staple of Nashville, country music and Johnny Cash culture – has been voted Best Music Museum in the 2023 USA Today/10Best Readers’ Choice Travel Awards.


The Man In Black, the highly regarded Johnny Cash tribute show brought to life by Shawn Barker, has announced a new run of U.S. tour dates for early 2023 following an upcoming fall tour. The Man In Black will perform nearly 20 shows throughout January, February, and March, stopping everywhere from Myrtle Beach, Long Island and Fort Lauderdale to Clearwater, Anaheim, and Thousand Oaks as well as a five-night residency in Laughlin, NV.


The Man In Black, the highly regarded Johnny Cash tribute show brought to life by Shawn Barker, has announced a 19-date North American fall tour. With his strikingly similar looks, baritone voice, and spot-on mannerisms, Barker’s uncanny resemblance to the original “Man In Black” revitalizes the true character and spirit of Mr. Cash himself, one of America’s greatest musical icons, for a truly one-of-a-kind show.

Sometimes from within the musical world the cosmos comes together in just such a way, at just such a time that it produces something truly special. In this case, two historic characters, Johnny Cash and Owsley “Bear” Stanley collide with Haight-Ashbury’s famously historic venue, The Carousel, in one of the most historic times in music history, 1968.

While Johnny Cash had covered Bob Dylan throughout the 1960s leading up to his 4/24/68 show at San Francisco’s Carousel Ballroom, his performance of “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright” from that evening takes on a special level of significance due to the show’s audio engineer: Grateful Dead sonic innovator and “Wall Of Sound” architect Owsley “Bear” Stanley.

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