Joss Jaffe

JOSS JAFFE is a vocalist, tabla player, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and record producer. His critically acclaimed releases include Dub Mantra, Traveller, and Promises feat. Mykal Rose.


I saw the words meditation and yoga in the body of the email regarding Joss Jaffe. My urge was to delete it, having a visceral dislike for the practices. Two things a native Angeleno, blonde gal should keep to herself unless she’s okay with being shunned from her bougie community. I’m a contradiction. I don’t care that meditation and yoga expands the mind and are good for the soul. In these capacities, they make me want to crawl out of my skin.

California singer-songwriter Joss Jaffe is excited to announce his latest single, “Traveller.” "Traveller” is slated for release on Friday, April 17 with a music video. Two more singles, “Play It Again (feat. Kiyoshi)" and "Natural Rhythms (feat. Adam Knight)," will be released on April 20 and 22, respectively.

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