Kiely Connell

Nashville roots/Americana artist Kiely Connell is preparing to release her new LP, Calumet Queen, out everywhere November 12th. Today, Connell released the album's second single "The Blues That Really Burn," which Americana UK called "Full of grit...combines breezy indie-folk with heavy swamp rock & roadhouse country twang." "The Blues That Really Burn" is out now.


Hailing from Hammond, Indiana and currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, Americana artist Kiely Connell blends working-class Rust Belt grit with Southern charm, defying regional classification and painting a detailed portrait of a life in modern America. On her debut LP, Calumet Queen, Connell pays tribute to her hometown near the Calumet River that shaped her personality while reflecting on the struggles one must endure to thrive in a harsh and often isolating world.

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