The Lowest Pair

The Lowest Pair is releasing their new album Horse Camp on Delicata Records. A star-studded Bluegrass/Americana Lowest Pair love-fest with their friends.

Featuring guest appearances by Adam Roszkiewicz and Leif Karlstrom of the instrumental duo “Small Town Therapy”. Founding members of the progressive string band Front Country.

Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee of The Lowest Pair have a model, musical partnership. Right now this makes me very jealous. I’m ‘staying safe at home,’ sadly don’t have a quaran-team and am very single which has been my state of being for far too long. Clearly the universe doesn’t want me, or any single person, to have love or sex again. (Although if I were to have sex, this would be a great time.

Olympia, WA-based experimental indie-folk duo The Lowest Pair — Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee — are set to return with a new full-length, The Perfect Plan, on April 24, 2020 via Delicata Records / Thirty Tigers. After each releasing solo albums via Conor Oberst’s Team Love Records in 2018, Winter and Lee tapped producer Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes to help expand simple folk songs into fleshed-out soundscapes that lean gently into Winter's punk past, as well as the sonic playground of her mind.

During the hot, humid days at Homegrown Music Festival along the Mulberry River in Arkansas, Grateful Web got the extreme pleasure of chilling out on the river for an interview with banjo duo The Lowest Pair. Palmer Lee recited a poem, Kendl Winter spoke about her creativity style, and we discussed their inspirations and collaboration styles.

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