Today, emerging NYC indie soul band Melt released its long-awaited EP, West Side Highway. Now available across all streaming platforms, the dulcet six-track project presents musings on life and love from seven twenty-somethings carving out a name in the industry. Dubbed “one groovy super organism” by NPR, Melt has built a name throughout cities and college dorms nationwide for both stellar musicianship and high-energy live performance.

Today, NYC-based psychedelic pop-soul septet Melt released a new single, Hours. The ruminative ballad is the third offering from the band’s debut EP, set to be released next month. Available across all streaming platforms, the single captures the band’s sonic and lyrical maturity and is a welcome presentation of their impressive studio acumen. A balanced combination of fervent low end, cascading synth leads, and inquisitive guitar lines create Hours - a lover’s sojourn, explicated through melody.

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