Mike Dawes

Acoustic guitarist extraordinaire TOMMY EMMANUEL today (September 21) rolls out the video for “Be My Mistake.” It’s a sparkling instrumental arrangement of the song by the band The 1975 from their 2018 album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships.

“I always think like a singer when I play a Sting melody,” says acoustic guitarist extraordinaire TOMMY EMMANUEL, who today (August 4) releases his video for “Fields of Gold,” a stirring all-instrumental cover of the Sting gem he recorded with British acoustic guitar virtuoso Mike Dawes. The song is featured on the upcoming five-song EP from TOMMY with Dawes, ACCOMPLICE SERIES VOL. 3, due out September 23 on CGP SOUNDS.

Sparks fly on “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” the new all-instrumental single and video from acoustic guitarist extraordinaire TOMMY EMMANUEL and British acoustic guitar virtuoso Mike Dawes.

British acoustic guitar virtuoso MIKE DAWES, along with acoustic guitarist extraordinaire TOMMY EMMANUEL, today (June 25) shares a new single and video, “Somebody That I Used To Know.” The song (on Qten Records) is a stirring instrumental cover of the massive worldwide 2011 hit by Gotye which marks its 10th anniversary this year.

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