New Breed Brass Band

New Breed Brass Band has released the second single from their forthcoming album, Made In New Orleans.  "Give It To Me" is a testament to the band's versatility and musicianship, combining sophisticated brass chord voicings with a sleek pop-forward bounce sound that's sure to make you want to move. Kango Slim’s lissome vocal plays off the relentless bounce toasting of the great Big Choo, as ribbons of saxophone and brass fanfare lend a swooning, celebratory atmosphere.

New Breed Brass Band is putting a fresh spin on a New Orleans tradition - the second-line brass band. The up and coming band has announced their debut album today with music that both honors the second-line tradition and brings it into the future with a mix of funk, rock, hip-hop, R&B and bounce music. Made In New Orleans (out April 28) is a thrilling collection of songs that captures the relentless energy of their street party sensibilities.

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