Shay Martin Lovette

This Friday marks a significant event in the music industry with the much-anticipated release of "Lionhearted Woman," the latest single by renowned singer-songwriter Shay Martin Lovette. Slated for release on January 12th, this single not only represents a new achievement in Lovette's burgeoning career but also serves as an introduction to his eagerly awaited EP, "True As They Come," which is scheduled for an April 26, 2024, release.

Wayfaring songwriter Shay Martin Lovette’s story is shaped by an enduring creative pursuit, an inseparable connection with the natural world, and a deep appreciation for the nonpareil musical voices of the past. After releasing his debut in 2018, receiving a plethora of regional accolades, and spending over 100 days playing shows to eager audiences,  he’s back with his sophomore effort.

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