Wayne Graham

Appalachian folk-rock/alt-country group Wayne Graham have officially released their new LP, 1% Juice, a self-produced twelve-track collection of roots-rock songs that draw inspiration from Americana, classic country, Southern rock, indie-fok & more. Leading up to the release, the group was featured at American Songwriter, Culture Collide, Whiskey Riff, Americana UK, Songpickr and more. 1% Juice is out everywhere today.

Castlewood, Virginia based 49 Winchester boast a mighty Appalachian sound, steeped in the spirit of country crooners past. As childhood friends who owe their musical chops in part to the rich geographical location in which they were raised (adjacent to none other than the “Birthplace of Country Music,” Bristol, TN), the quintet have been carving out a name for themselves in the alt-country scene for the better part of a decade.

Launched in 2010 by brothers Kenny and Hayden Miles, Wayne Graham make articulate, wide-ranging Americana that nods to — and also reaches far beyond — the band's southern roots. Raised in Central Appalachia, the siblings grew up amongst the rugged hills and soon-to-be-shuttered coal mines of Whitesburg, Kentucky. It was an area caught halfway between old-school tradition and a new way of life.

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