Wed, 08/19/2015 - 1:54 pm

Greener Grounds broke into the jamtronica music scene early this summer with their debut EP, Photosynthesis, and quickly became noticed as a top talent act in Colorado. The band was voted into a main stage slot at Sonic Bloom by the public, and after catching the festival’s attention with their high energy performance Greener Grounds was added to the ARISE Music Festival.

Greener Grounds picked up an official sponsorship from Grassroots California, who will be producing a Greener Grounds/Grassroots California collaboration hat by mid fall.

Greener Grounds immediate success and unique take on jam band music combined with elements of electronica caught the eye of The Untz, who will be presenting Greener Grounds Fall Tour 2015. The band’s fall tour includes two more major festival performances, as well as dates with Kung Fu, the Magic Beans, the Main Squeeze, Vine Street Vibes, and more. For the full list of Greener Grounds Fall Tour 2015 please visit:

While clear influences are shown from bands like Lotus, the Disco Biscuits, and Umprhey’s Mcgee, Greener Grounds are placing a great deal of emphasis on developing a sound that is uniquely Greener Grounds. Like other jam bands, live improvisation is crucial to their live experience, however Greener Grounds is focusing just as much on having quality song composition and building a diverse catalogue of songs that have their own unique style. Guitarist Mathew Buelt told Ear Nuggets in a recent interview that, “A lot of bands can jam, and people want to see long jams and stuff, but we want to have really good composed songs to go with our improvisation as well. It’s important to have a good catalogue of songs that have different styles.” Drummer AJ Gillman added, “We want to be able to change your mood in the middle of a song as we’re playing so we pay close attention to the dynamics and details of each of our songs.”

The band is on the rise and definitely a hard working well deserved act to look out for. Be sure to download Greener Grounds Photosynthesis EP for free and catch them this fall! For the most recent news and a full list of Greener Grounds’ tour dates please visit

Tue, 09/01/2015 - 2:40 pm

Fresh off the release of their debut self-titled album, summer tour, and debut performance at YarmonyGrass, Liver Down The River decided to present a series of benefit concerts to raise money in aid of the cleanup of the toxic spill into the Animas River that began in their hometown of Durango. The series of benefit concerts will be called “Music for the Animas” and will take place at the Animas City Theatre beginning on Friday September 11th with Liver Down The River headlining.

After Liver Down The River came up with the idea to give back to their hometown of Durango, the band decided to partner with Durango Massive Productions and Mountain View Artists to host a “Music for the Animas” concert series. “Music for the Animas” is a concert series that will run for the next few months organized to connect live music with the community to raise awareness about environmental issues such as the Animas River toxic spill and motivate people to take action. Please show your support and join us at these incredible events in support of the environment and local community.

These events will feature top talent from all around the country, silent auction items including original art pieces, concert tickets, commemorative posters and memorabilia, photographs, and other auction donations. There will also be donation boxes for attendees to contribute to the fund as well. The silent auctions will take place from 9pm – 10pm, and winners will be announced at 10pm just before Liver Down The River takes the stage. All proceeds will be donated to the Mountain Studies Institute, who will be in charge of distributing the funds to the organizations leading the clean up.

The September 11th event featuring Liver Down The River is a 21+ show and tickets are available for $10/ADV, $12/DOS. The first twenty paid through the door will receive a copy of Liver Down The River’s new EP. Tickets are available at Southwest Sound in Durango as well as at

The next “Music for the Animas” concert will feature Head for the Hills, Kitchen Dwellers, and Liver Down The River and will take place at the Animas City Theatre on Saturday November 7th. This event will feature raffle prizes in place of a silent auction.

Wed, 10/28/2015 - 7:43 pm

Vine Street Vibes hit the Colorado jam scene running with their explosive and innovative approach to jam, funk, and livetronica. Beginning in late 2012, the band has pioneered a unique sound of their own incorporating saxophone, percussion, and various electronic elements into jam band music, which the band calls Electro Space Funk. With clear influences from bands like STS9 and Lotus, Vine Street Vibes takes it a step further by incorporating jazz elements and sophisticated orchestration bending the rules of any sub genre within jam band music. Vine Street Vibes released their first full-length album Spaceship Earth on 1/11/14, which was a compilation of live tracks taken into the studio for mastering. Vine Street Vibes’ impressive live performances and rapidly growing fan following led them to landing an official sponsorship from Grassroots California who will be producing a collaborative Grassroots California/Vine Street Vibes custom hat this winter. The hats will be available in both snapback and fitted.

Now the band is gearing up for their most exciting release yet. Nebula, an all-original nine-track album is set to release on December 12th of 2015. This album will pave new ground in the livetronica music scene and expand the realm of both jam band and electronic music. Nebula will be released globally on all major listening platforms on Saturday December 12th, 2015, and the release will be celebrated in their hometown of Denver, CO at Cervantes’ Other Side. The band has teamed up with The Untz and Mile High Sound Movement who will be presenting the album release party. This event will feature Vine Street Vibes, Punch Drunk Monkey Funk, Sonic Geometry, and some very special guests! Tickets to their album release party will be available for $8 in advance and $12 at the door. This is a celebration you do not want to miss.

Vine Street Vibes will continue on to celebrate their album release with a tour that spans from Colorado to Ohio throughout the month of January. Physical copies will be available at all of Vine Street Vibes’ upcoming shows as well as on their online store. For more information about Vine Street Vibes and their Nebula album head over to Vine Street Vibes is back and ready to not only rejuvenate, but reinvent the jamtronica music scene with an album that will surely set the mood for late night dance parties and open your mind to a whole new realm of consciousness. Be sure to pick up a copy of Nebula and catch Vine Street Vibes at a city near you!

Thu, 12/10/2015 - 12:26 pm

After a jam packed fall tour hitting just about every region of Colorado including performances with Kung Fu, the Magic Beans, the Main Squeeze, YAMN, The Mantras, Vine Street Vibes, and their fall tour closer with Perpetual Groove; Greener Grounds is at it again as they announce their Winter Tour 2015 – 2016 Presented by The Untz. This time the band is teaming up with a variety of artists including Gravity A, Vine Street Vibes, DYNOHUNTER, Tweed, Yosemight, Consider the Source, and more. Greener Grounds’ winter tour will be presented by The Untz in combination with Grassroots California, and will stretch from their home state of Colorado onward through the east coast with Philadelphia based jamtronica band, Tweed.  

Greener Grounds’ winter tour will begin on December 10th in Boulder, CO where they will be joining Gravity A for their Tribute to the Talking Heads at the Fox Theatre followed by a handful of Colorado dates and a debut performance in New Mexico. Further, the band will continue on to the east coast to Philadelphia’s brand new venue The Foundry at the Fillmore, followed by plays in Virginia, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Ohio, and Michigan before returning to Colorado.

Roland Hansen (Keyboard/Synths) caught up with to talk about the upcoming tour and what 2016 is going to look like for Greener Grounds. Hansen responded, “2016 is going to be BIG. Following our winter tour we have a spring tour planned, and plan on recording a new album somewhere in between. After that, festival season is going to kick off and we are going to try to stay as busy as possible, have as much fun as possible, and try to grow this beautiful thing we’ve got going on.  2016 is going to be a big year!”

Continuing the conversation about a new album, AJ Gillman (Drums) told the Grateful Web, “As soon as we finished our Photosynthesis EP we wanted to start writing new material. Since then we’ve got a lot of new material and the instant we feel like we have enough we’re going to head back to the studio. We’re talking about a full-length album that may have something like a Kickstarter involved with incentives. We may do vinyl or something like that depending on what our fans want. We’re really eager for our fans to hear our new stuff and we hope to have their support along the way!”

Their tour announcement also indicates that more dates will be announced so expect even more from Greener Grounds in the New Year. For the complete list of Greener Grounds winter tour dates please visit their official website:

Tue, 03/01/2016 - 11:03 am

After Greener Grounds’ most ambitious tour to date, spanning from Colorado through the east coast covering 22 cities, the band has announced their next major release. The band is heading into the studio to record a full-length album titled, Momentous set to be released in July of 2016. The band made headlines with the release of their Photosynthesis EP in 2015, which was quoted by The Untz as “Jamtronica Gold.” This success was accompanied by performances with Perpetual Groove, Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Kung Fu, Consider the Source, the Main Squeeze, the Magic Beans, and more.

Musically, Greener Grounds is taking the magic they create on stage and bringing those elements into the studio to shine a new light on jamtronica music. Artistically, the band is working very closely with Steven Poling of Grassroots California, who will be designing the official album artwork and poster for Momentous.

Greener Grounds is seeking the support from their fans to help fund the album with a goal of raising $4,000 through their Kickstarter campaign, running March 1st – 30th. Backers have the opportunity to receive a commemorative Momentous poster signed and numbered by Steven Poling and the band, an invitation to a backyard barbecue live show, signed snare drum heads, a private guitar lesson with Joe Shur, limited edition pins, digital downloads of the album prior to the release, special merchandise bundles, and so much more!

Help Greener Grounds achieve their goal and contribute to their Kickstarter campaign to make this album a reality. The band will record the album in March and will take most of the month off solely to focus on producing their best possible album. Greener Grounds only March shows include Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins on Thursday March 3rd, and CeleFunktion in Durango on Saturday March 19th.

After their campaign ends, the band will celebrate with a national summer tour which will be loaded with festival dates and performances all over the country. Be sure to support Greener Grounds by contributing to their Momentous Kickstarter campaign right here, and catch them this summer at a city near you!

For more information on Momentous and a complete list of Greener Grounds upcoming tour dates please visit their official website:

Wed, 03/23/2016 - 3:37 pm

Greener Grounds announces Spring Into Summer Tour presented by The Untz. The bands second national tour will begin April 2nd and will span through July, kicking off in Telluride, Colorado with two nights at the legendary Fly Me to the Moon Saloon. The band will head next to Arizona for two performances before a stretch of dates through Iowa and Chicago, en route to Paradise Music & Arts Festival in Ohio. Following that late night festival play, Greener grounds will head to Lawrence, Kansas for a play at the Bottleneck May 3rd, with 3 Son Green.

This festival heavy tour hits Joshua Tree Music Festival next with dates following through central California, leading up to The Untz Festival, June 3-5th in Mariposa, California.  After a three week California run, the band will return home to Colorado for three festival plays, including Beanstalk Music & Arts Festival, LoHi Music Festival and Sonic Bloom Music Festival.

On June 29th, Greener Grounds will host the official pre-party for Highberry Music Festival. The pre-party will take place at George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, Arkansas with special guests, hyping up for their performance at HighBerry Music Festival over the first weekend in July. Greener Grounds will conclude their Spring Into Summer tour in Denver, Colorado with their album release party in early July. More info and many more tour dates TBA.

Greener Grounds has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming Momentous album. They have just reached the final week of their month long campaign and are seeking YOUR help to bring this album to life! You can still be a part of Momentous by clicking HERE and donating today. Incentives include commemorative posters, limited edition hat pins, an invitation to a backyard BBQ with the band, backstage passes to their album release party, and even a private performance at the location of your choice anywhere in the United States!

For more information and a complete list of Greener Grounds upcoming tour dates please visit their official website’s tour page: www.GreenerGroundsMusic.comTour

Mon, 05/02/2016 - 4:36 pm

Liver Down The River has followed up their debut EP with a full length album titled Life You Love. The album consists of 13 all original songs that really showcase not just their incredible musical ability, but also their strength in songwriting. The band’s goal was to replicate the magic they bring to their live performances and capture that in a studio setting, and Liver Down The River did just that.

The album opens up with a hard driving tune titled, “State Line” telling the story about hitch hiking across the country and getting stuck in the southland. This is followed by a blazing dark instrumental fueled by myths of a hidden treasure in the Colorado Mountains, once again showcasing their strong lyrical content and ability to write engaging stories within their songs. As the album unfolds tunes inspired by the lessons of growing older, the following of the soul, and ability to keep on moving on, rising clear.

All members of Liver Down The River contributed to create the melodies to enhance the emotions experienced when listening to each song. The group does a great job at incorporating elements of funk, rock, Americana, and jazz into the album, catering towards a more of a Newgrass sound set to please the ears of both traditional bluegrass lovers and jam band fans. Attempting to reflect the beautiful yet powerful, and expansive essence of the Colorado country, the inspiration comes truly… “from living the live you love.” –J.K. Rowling

Life You Love is globally available on all major listening platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Radio, and can be downloaded for free/name your price via the band’s bandcamp.

Liver Down The River celebrated the release of Life You Love at the Animas City Theatre for a sold out performance with support from Fort Collins bluegrass group Hog MaGundy. The band will play at the Sherbino Theater on May 13th and will continue on the road for a handful of plays in New Mexico. Stay tuned for a full summer tour announcement coming to you on MAY 25th and be sure to catch Liver Down The River at a city near you!

For more information on Life You and a complete list of Liver Down The River’s upcoming tour dates please visit their official website:

Tue, 06/07/2016 - 4:30 pm

Greener Grounds announces their Momentous album release tour. Their upcoming album was fan funded through their KickStarter campaign, and the official release date is set for Friday July 8th. The band has stated that the album will be a groundbreaking force set to please both jam band lovers and fans of live electronica. After a jam-packed Spring into Summer tour filled with a handful of festival dates including main stage performances at Paradise Music Festival, Joshua Tree Music Festival, and The Untz festival. Greener Grounds is back at it again as they announce their Momentous Album Release Tour.

Kicking off in their hometown of Denver, Colorado, Greener Grounds will celebrate the release of their full length eight track album on July 8th at Cervantes Other Side. The tour continues on through the Midwest with a play at The Mouse Trap in Indianapolis, IN before Greener Grounds joins forces with Ohio based jamtronica band, Peridoni for two nights beginning in Covington, KY at the Madison Live following with a Scarlet & Grey performance in Columbus, OH.

Continuing to the east coast Greener Grounds hits the Fete Music Hall with Electro Politics, and then teams up with Wobblesauce in Boston, Massachusetts for their album release party at the Brighton Music Hall, along with a play at Pacific Standard Time in New Haven, Connecticut. These shows lead up to a main stage play at FARM Music & Arts Festival in Hammonton, NJ. Greener Grounds hits The Bottleneck with Jahman Brahman before heading back to Colorado for their second performance at ARISE Music Festival in Loveland, CO over August 5 – 7th, as well as a headliner performance at the Old Town Pub in Steamboat Springs, CO on August 19th.  

Greener Grounds’ takes the majority of August off with plans to focus on writing more new music, before heading to Stroud, OK for their debut performance at Backwoods Music Festival. Other festival plays in September include Frequinox Music Festival, and Resonance Music & Arts Festival in Legend Valley, OH.

The band has also made it clear on their tour poster that more dates will be announced so stay tuned for another round of performances. So - Be sure to stay tuned and catch Greener Grounds on the road at a city near you. For more information on Greener Grounds, Momentous, and their upcoming tour head over to their official website

Tue, 06/07/2016 - 4:46 pm

Following the release of the band’s full length 13 track LP Life You Love, Liver Down The River has announced a national tour expanding from their hometown of Durango, Colorado to Bend Oregon and back. The band kicks off their Life You Love Album Release Tour at the Animas City Theatre on July 1st then heading north through the front range and onward to Park City, Utah, Jackson, Wyoming, Boise Idaho, before finally settling at their favorite soon to be played bluegrass festival, Northwest String Summit.

Following the festival the band hits the Volcanic Theatre in Bend, OR and takes a turn off the interstate to cover the beautiful terrain in Enterprise, OR for a play at Terminal Gravity Brewing, the Yacht Club in McCall, Id Flipside Lounge in Pocatello, ID, and a weekend closer at the Park Silly Market in Park City, UT on July 24th.

The band quickly picks up speed traveling back to Colorado for a play in Aspen at Justice Snows followed by The Eldo in Crested Butte, and the brand new Buena Vista venue, the Lariat Bar. While the band has stated that more dates will be added they continue to impress with their August performances at Rhythms on the Rio Music Festival, YarmonyGrass over August 18th – 20th and a hometown performance on August 27th at San Juan Brewfest.

Their album Life You Love showcases the band’s full potential in both songwriting and musical ability, which impressed both the bluegrass and jam band communities, as expressed in this article by Live for Live Music. Expect a lot more to follow from Liver Down The River as they have no plans of slowing down and keep up to date with their latest news, tour dates, music, and more at

The album is globally available on all major listening platforms, and physical copies can be purchased on their website and at all of their upcoming performances. Be sure to catch Liver Down The River at a city near you and pick up a copy of their groundbreaking Life You Love LP.

For more information on Life You and a complete list of Liver Down The River tour dates please visit their official website: