Christina Rubino | Alive from the Scrapheap | Review

It's easy to know how to categorize an artist like Christina Rubino. Self-described as “a Female Johnny Cash” Alive from the Scrapheap’ is one of the more dark releases I’ve heard this year. It’s not so dark and apocalyptic steeped in the fog of shock mind you, but rather extremely truthful and honest. It’s got sold melodies and impressive musicianship – which is a rarity in today music. Not only is Rubino and impressive singer/songwriter, all players are excellent musicians and their contributions to the writing and arrangement of the songs have been of paramount importance-which is to say nothing of the pervasive and contagious chemistry Rubino has behind the guitar and microphone. There’s also nothing really experimental about these songs – just straight forward Acoustic Folk. It’s a bit moody and serious; and to be quite honest this CD may be too potent for some.

The CD bursts to life with Track 1: “The Gateway” which is a crisp drum lead in yielding a superlative number. It’s a great rock revival that others (like myself) will lobby hard for. Rubino has a voice recalling the higher-registries well. The band has a solid look and sound that reminds me of K.D. Lang, Jill Sobule, Indigo Girls and yes Johnny Cash.. Tack 2 “Pending the Last Soul” starts with a driven intro leading well into an amazing and compelling chorus. ”Nothing to Gain” we see the mood of the album slowly begin to trend downward towards more moody atmosphere. Many pieces develop well into top flight melodic phrasing and thickly laced harmonies. Some tracks are more pop-inflected, all however are rock driven rather than the typical synth-pop posturing we’ve all come to expect on the radio. This is vintage Americana Folk with soul stirring melodies reminiscent of Singer/Songwriter. All of this plays into Rubino’s unique sensibility that can jar even the most staunch of listeners. While it’s easy enough to imagine how gripping some pieces truly are on the CD Alive from the Scrapheap is really something you’ll have to hear to believe via this link:!music/c2zl

It’s safe to say much of today’s Rock is made up entirely of yawning ambient beats, sparse musicianship and superficial vocals. Some of these intangibles reflect the artists themselves and the state of the music industry itself. Much of it is built of a house of cards that has become the quintessential pop persona. Where am I going with all this? None of the above applies to Christina Rubino who has the courage to write and sing about songs she believes in – and lets the chips fall where they may. This is indeed the premise of greatness - because with Artists like Rubino hat you see is what you get. No smoke and mirrors, just music straight from a voice a guitar and a heart

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