Domino Effect | Music For My Soul | New Music Review


Submitted by -John Mosley Wed, 08/15/2012 - 4:39 pm

Domino Effect’s Music For My Soul is a rock-hard reggae album that shows its lineage throughout, sounding like a cross between Pepper and SOJA with classical roots to back it all up. As far as the mix, the vocal delivery is a dead ringer for Kaleo Wassman with emphasis (as the album title suggests) firmly rooted in the power of music as personal salvation.For the most part, the album remains conservative in keeping to core reggae beats and sounds. However, on tracks like “Music Is My Religion”, Domino Effect stretches the musicality a bit, adding in some impressive guitar licks for character. The bulk of this album might stay pretty mellow, but there’s some skill to back it all up.Of the recent reggae releases I’ve listened through, Domino Effect is certainly one of the more solid offerings available. From start to finish, the album doesn’t really have any glaring weak spots, and roots fans will certainly enjoy this clean little summer mix. Domino Effect’s new album, Music For My Soul, is available now.