Tom Brosseau Announces U.S. Tour Dates

Right on the heels of Tom Brosseau's European tour with PJ Harvey and John Parish, as well as playing select dates with Mice Parade, Brosseau is announcing a U.S. tour in support of his June 23rd FatCat release, Posthumous Success. This new buoyant and well-crafted album is a huge stylistic shift away from the spare acoustic arrangements of his previous releases though Brosseau's earnest wit and captivating, vibrato-soaked voice is unchanged. These songs - and selections from Brosseau's catalog - will be fully realized live by the trio of Brosseau, album co-producer and multi-instrumentalist Ethan Rose, and vocalist/instrumentalist Shelley Short. The ensemble will bring Brosseau's live sound closer to the full-band richness captured on Posthumous Success than previous solo outings. All tour dates are listed below.

Additionally, we are giving out a free mp3 of "You Don't Know My Friends" off of this new album. Download/listen to the song here:

Tom Brosseau Tour Dates:
Wed. 06/17/09 -- Tucson, AZ @ Plush
Thu. 06/18/09 -- Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk Space
Sat. 06/20/09 -- Santa Monica, CA @ McCabe's
Sun. 06/21/09 -- San Diego, CA @ North Park Vaudeville & Candy Shoppe
Wed. 06/24/09 -- Seattle, WA @ Tractor Tavern w/ Zera Marvel
Thu. 06/25/09 -- Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios w/ Mbilly
Fri. 06/26/09 -- Redding, CA @ The Downtown Eatery
Sat. 06/27/09 -- Davis, CA @ Sophia's Thai Lounge w/ Il Gato - presented by Cool As Folk
Sun. 06/28/09 -- San Francisco, CA @ Cafe du Nord
Mon. 06/29/09 -- Santa Cruz, CA @ The Crepe Place

Les Paul's 94th Birthday Celebration

lesLes Paul's regular Monday night appearances at The Iridium Jazz Club since April 1995 attract devoted fans from all over the world.  World-class musicians like Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Tony Bennett, Steve Miller, George Benson, Pat Metheny, Jeff Beck, Slash and countless others come to pay homage. By far, this is the music industry's most important regular music gig in NYC.   

Les Paul is a living legend and an icon of the music world. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, received multiple Grammy Awards, pioneered the modern electric guitar and invented numerous recording techniques. Les has influenced countless musicians and guitarists and is hailed as "The Father Of The Electric Guitar".

1650 BROADWAY (Corner of 51st)
NEW YORK, NY 10023
RESERVATIONS: 212-582-2121

SHOWS AT 8:00 & 10:00 PM

Monday, June 8th  -- Les Paul’s 94th Birthday Celebration

Jazz Fest At Sea 2009

jazzatseaThe year 2009 marks the 100th birthday of jazz legend Benny Goodman. We are very proud to announce that clarinetist Allan Vache has been given permission by the Goodman Estate and Bill Hyland, its executor, to present "A Benny Goodman Centennial Tribute" show. In addition to the Tribute show, Banu Gibson and her New Orleans Hot Jazz band will be headlining our jazz cruise. And our special guests from the West Coast, BED will be on board for your listening pleasure. We will be departing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to the Southern Caribbean on the MSC Poesia for 10-nights of jazz and fun. Not only will you have your choice of amazing performances each evening, but you are also invited to the afternoon sessions on days at sea. Take a look at the fantastic schedule! But remember, only those who book with Cruise & Vacation Depot will be allowed to participate!

Our JazzFest at Sea promises to be the Ultimate Jazz Cruise of the year for all Classic and Dixieland Jazz fans. Don't miss the boat! Our staterooms are in limited supply. Simply call 1-800-654-8090 or email JazzFest at Sea for more information.

The schedule is subject to change. Check back often or call us at 1-800-654-8090 for updates!

Monday - November 30

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
8:00 PM - Banu Gibson & The New Orleans Hot Jazz featuring Banu Gibson, Randy Reinhart, Marc Phaneuf, David Sager, David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate and Jeff Hamilton
9:00 PM - A Benny Goodman Centennial Tribute featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bill Allred, Matt Hoffmann, Mark Shane, Bob Leary, Charlie Silva, Ed Metz Jr. and Terry Blaine
10:00 PM - B.E.D. featuring Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, Dan Barrett and Joel Forbes

Tuesday - December 1

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
1:00 PM - "Meet the Musicians" Cocktail Party
2:00 PM - Diva Duos featuring Rebecca Kilgore & Eddie Erickson, Terry Blaine & Mark Shane, Banu Gibson & David Boeddinghaus
8:00 PM - Dem Bones featuring Bill Allred, Dan Barrett, David Sager, Mark Shane, Joel Forbes, Bob Leary and Jeff Hamilton
9:00 PM - Allan Vaché's Swingtet featuring Allan Vaché, Randy Reinhart, Frank Tate, Matt Hoffmann, Eddie Erickson and Ed Metz Jr.
10:00 PM - Chicago Jazz featuring David Jones, Marc Phaneuf, Dan Barrett, David Boeddinghaus, Charlie Silva and Jeff Hamilton

Wednesday - December 2

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
1:00 PM - Musical Memories featuring Ed Clute on the piano playing your requests
2:00 PM - Allan Vaché's Big 4 featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bob Leary and Charlie Silva
3:00 PM - 3 Girls 3 featuring Terry Blaine, Banu Gibson, Rebecca Kilgore, Mark Shane, Eddie Erickson, Joel Forbes and Ed Metz Jr.
8:00 PM - B.E.D. featuring Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, Dan Barrett and Joel Forbes
9:00 PM - Banu Gibson & The New Orleans Hot Jazz featuring Banu Gibson, Randy Reinhart, Marc Phaneuf, David Sager, David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate and Jeff Hamilton
10:00 PM - A Benny Goodman Centennial Tribute featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bill Allred, Matt Hoffmann, Mark Shane, Bob Leary, Charlie Silva, Ed Metz Jr. and Terry Blaine

Thursday - December 3

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
8:00 PM - Cornet Chop Suey featuring Randy Reinhart, Dan Barrett,David Jones, David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate amd Jeff Hamilton with guest Banu Gibson
9:00 PM  - With Benny in Mind featuring Allan Vaché, Matt Hoffman, Mark Shane, Bob Leary, Charlie Silva and Ed Metz Jr. with guest Terry Blaine
10:00 PM - Bill's Classic Jazz featuring Bill Allred, Randy Reinhart, Mark Phaneuf, Eddie Erikson, Joel Forbes and Ed Metz Jr. with guest Rebecca Kilgore

Friday - December 4

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
8:00 PM - A Benny Goodman Centennial Tribute featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bill Allred, Matt Hoffmann, Mark Shane, Bob Leary, Charlie Silva, Ed Metz Jr. and Terry Blaine  
9:00 PM - B.E.D. featuring Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, Dan Barrett and Joel Forbes
10:00 PM - Mostly Mercer - A Johnny Mercer Centennial Tribute featuring Banu Gibson, Randy Reinhart, Marc Phaneuf, David Sager, David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate and Jeff Hamilton

Saturday - December 5

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
8:00 PM - The Matt Hoffmann Quartet featuring Matt Hoffmann, Mark Shane, Joel Forbes and Jeff Hamilton with guest Terry Blaine  
9:00 PM - Switch Hitters featuring Dan Barrett (cornet & trombone), Randy Reinhart (cornet & trombone), David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate,
Bob Leary and Ed Metz Jr. with guest Banu Gibson
10:00 PM - Dixieland USA featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bill Allred, Mark Phaneuf (saxophone), Mark Shane, Eddie Erikson (banjo), Charlie Silva and Jeff Hamilton with guest Rebecca Kilgore

Sunday - December 6

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
8:00 PM - B.E.D. featuring Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, Dan Barrett and Joel Forbes
9:00 PM - Banu Gibson & The New Orleans Hot Jazz featuring Banu Gibson, Randy Reinhart, Marc Phaneuf, David Sager, David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate and Jeff Hamilton
10:00 PM - A Benny Goodman Centennial Tribute featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bill Allred, Matt Hoffmann, Mark Shane, Bob Leary, Charlie Silva, Ed Metz Jr. and Terry Blaine

Monday - December 7

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
8:00 PM - Reedmen featuring Allan Vaché, Mark Phaneuf, David Boeddinghaus, Joel Forbes, Eddie Erikson and Ed Metz Jr.
9:00 PM - Brass Masters featuring Randy Reinhart, Bill Allred, David Sager, Dan Barrett, David Jones, Mark Shane, Frank Tate and Jeff Hamilton
10:00 PM - Ladies Sing (and play) the Blues featuring Banu Gibson (banjo & vocal), Terry Blaine (flute & vocal) and Rebecca Kilgore (guitar & vocal) with guests Bob Leary, Charlie Silva and Ed Metz Jr.

Tuesday - December 8

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
1:00 PM - The Bob & Eddie Show featuring Bob Leary (banjo, guitar & vocal), Eddie Erikson (banjo, guitar & vocal), Charlie Silva and Jeff Hamilton
2:00 PM - The Piano Men featuring Mark Shane and David Boeddinghaus
3:00 PM - CD Signing and Autograph Session with personal photo opportunities
8:00 PM - Banu Gibson & The New Orleans Hot Jazz featuring Banu Gibson, Randy Reinhart, Marc Phaneuf, David Sager, David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate and Jeff Hamilton
9:00 PM - B.E.D. featuring Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, Dan Barrett and Joel Forbes
10:00 PM - A Benny Goodman Centennial Tribute featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bill Allred, Matt Hoffmann, Mark Shane, Bob Leary, Charlie Silva, Ed Metz Jr. and Terry Blaine

Wednesday - December 9

Le Moulin Rouge (Pigalle) Lounge - Deck 7 Aft
8:00 PM - B.E.D. featuring Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, Dan Barrett and Joel Forbes
9:00 PM - Final All-Star Jam Session featuring Allan Vaché, David Jones, Bill Allred, Matt Hoffmann, Mark Shane, Bob Leary, Charlie Silva, Ed Metz Jr., Terry Blaine, Banu Gibson, Randy Reinhart, Marc Phaneuf, David Sager, David Boeddinghaus, Frank Tate, Jeff Hamilton, Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, Dan Barrett and Joel Forbes (Bring your Ax if you want to join in!)

Steve Kimock News: Summer Dates & More

Kimock's on the boat! We are thrilled to join Jam Cruise 8 and so many great musicians on board this musical adventure.

kimockJam Cruise 8 sets sail January 3-8, 2010 on the beautiful Italian ship: MSC Poesia. The ship leaves from Ft Lauderdale's Port Everglades and heads to Ocho Rios, Jamaica & George Town, Cayman Islands.

Public on-sale will be in June 4th. We want to make sure that our fans don't miss out! One of the best features of the Poesia is the ABUNDANCE OF double occupancy cabins with standard & large balconies.

Hope to have you on board!

May 23 - Hookahville - Thornville, OH *
June 4 - Wakarusa - Ozark, AR *
June 6-7 Mountains of the Moon Festival - Salmo, BC
June 12 - Harmony Festival - Santa Rosa, CA
June 16 Old Rock House - St. Louis, MO
July 3 - Grateful Fest - Nelson Ledges, OH
July 4-5 - High Sierra Music Festival - Quincy, CA
July 8 Port City Music Hall - Portland, ME
July 9 Rocks Off Concert Cruise - NY, NY
July 10 Sherman Theater - Stroudsburg, PA
July 11 - All Good Music Festival - Masontown, WV
July 24 - 10K Lakes Music Festival - Soo Pass Ranch, MN
Aug 14 Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ
Aug 15 A Bear's Picnic - Laurelton, PA
Nov 14 Bear Creek Music Fest - Live Oak, FL
Jan 3-8 - Jam Cruise 8 - Caribbean Ocean

* w/ George Porter Jr
*Kimock will also play a late night at Wakarusa with Praang featuring members of EOTO and Jamie Janover)

Steve Kimock w/ Everyone Orchestra and more!
May 12 - Daze Between Fest - San Francisco, CA
June 20 - Church of Universal Love & Music - Acme, PA

Kimock will be making a special appearance with Everyone Orchestra on May 12th at the Daze Between Fest at the Mission Rock Café in San Francisco, CA. Kimock will appear late night from around midnight until 4AM.

Also playing are members of Hot Buttered Rum and ALO plus Melvin Seals, Wally Ingram, Chris Haugen, Mike Sugar, Audio Angel, conducted by Matt Butler, and a whole lot more...also featuring live painting by Alex and Allyson Grey and the return of the Furthur Bus with lots of hipsters, tricksters and pranksters. The festivities will begin at 8pm and continue through the dawn. Are you on the bus?!

A.T. Furthur: Daze Between is an eclectic art gathering celebrating the legacy of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters in the mid-60s. The original Prankster Acid Tests were created as multi-media art parties where exciting, new, and still legal entheogens were imbibed in the spirit of breaking new creative ground.

Don't miss Wakarusa! Final chance to buy cheap tickets!

With multiple stages featuring great live music over four days from June 4-7, Wakarusa is a serious music festival. The 2009 lineup features nearly 100 bands playing over 125 sets. With Full Event passes currently available for $139, you can enjoy a full weekend at Wakarusa for just over $1 per set! Get your Full Event Passes now! For a complete list of all ticket and camping options, including VIP, visit

Steve Kimock Crazy Engine will be playing main stage on Thursday, June 4th and there is a special late-night performance with Praang (Kimock, Travis, Hann, Janover).

Don't miss Wakarusa 2009 at a fantastic new venue, Mulberry Mountain! With shade trees, float streams and waterfalls, Mulberry Mountain is an absolutely beautiful setting for 4 days of music and activities!

Lambchop completes line-up of the Gent Jazz Festival

The last group for the Gent Jazz Festival (July 8th to 19th inclusive) is Lambchop. This American band completes the line-up of Friday, July 17th, featuring José James and Rodrigo y Gabriela. As we had already announced, BB King, Jamie Cullum, George Benson, Jamie Lidell, Marianne Faithfull, McCoy Tyner Trio feat. Bill Frisell and Joe Jackson will also be present.

Over the past 15 years, Lambchop has become one of the most exciting bands within the Americana genre. With their subtle mix of country, rock, pop, folk and soul, the group centered by Kurt Wagner has released 10 albums. Year by year, Lambchop has developed into a musical collective built around front man and creative mastermind Kurt Wagner, one of the best song writers of his generation. The driving force behind Lambchop has one of the most recognizable, warm and serene voices and at the same time. He writes ironic lyrics in which the melancholy is never far away and Wagner reveals himself as a wonderful narrator.

Info & Gent Jazz Festival from July 8th to 19 inclusive, Bijloke, Gent, Belgium. Tickets cost 27 euros per evening (excl. booking costs), except for those for July 8 (concert day with BB King) which cost 37 euros (excl. booking costs). A Three-Day Pass costs 68 euros (excl. booking costs). Tickets can be booked via, via Uitbureau Gent ( or +32(0)9 233 77 88) or at FNAC. Just as it did last year, the final festival weekend coincides with the opening weekend of the Ghent Festivities.

15th Annual West Coast Jazz Party Sept. 3-6

4 Nights and 3 Non-Stop Days of America’s Best Mainstream Jazz Party featuring Three Big Bands, Nightly Ballroom Concerts, Outdoor Pool Sessions, a Saturday Night Dance and a unique Newport Harbor Jazz Brunch Cruise!   Helping celebrate 15 swingin’ years will be the Four Freshmen, Terry Gibbs, Jack Sheldon, Ken Peplowski, Ernie Andrews, Houston Person, Marilyn Maye, Paul Smith, Peter Erskine, Frank Capp Juggernaut plus special tributes by Debby Boone, Charlie Shoemake and Byron Stripling with his All-Star Orchestra featuring Butch Miles on drums!

With Orange County’s wonderful weather in September, this year’s party will feature Pool Sessions on Friday and Saturday, both days  from 12 noon until 3:15pm including on Friday the JazzAmerica Big Band directed by Richard Simon and the Dave Tull Quartet plus a special act to be announced. On Saturday- two sets with the celebrated Frank Capp Juggernaut Orchestra featuring Ernie Andrews plus Guitar Summit with Mundell Lowe, Mimi Fox & Ron Eschete supported by Jon Mayer, Hassan Wiggins and Harold Jones.                   

The Sunday Jazz Brunch Cruise on Hornblower Yacht’s Entertainer will again be a highlight of the 3 day event.   Attendees and the artists will transition from the Marriott to Newport Harbor, where 3 decks of  specially designed “jam sessions” with over 20 All-Stars, including Terry Gibbs, Marilyn Maye, Guitar Summit and the Peter Erskine Trio will be featured during the champagne brunch cruise which will take place from 11:00am until 2:00pm.

September 3-6, 2009 is the weekend for the West Coast Jazz Party & Brunch Cruise, to again be held over Labor Day Weekend at the Irvine Marriott Hotel and Hornblower Yacht’s Entertainer.

The party will center on a large stage nightly at 7:00pm (8:00pm on Thursday night only) with reserved seating, and conclude each night with an “up close & personal” acoustic lobby bar session, wrapping up well after midnight.   Late afternoon lobby sessions will also feature artists in an acoustic setting.

*Kicking off this 15h year will be the Grand Opening Sessions on Thursday evening featuring two sets with the Four Freshmen, including 5 Trombones and the Ken Peplowski All-Stars!

*Featured on Friday evening will be legendary vibist Terry Gibbs and his quartet with Ken Peplowski, the Grant Stewart Quartet, Byron Stripling Quintet and closing the night- Ernie Andrews & Houston Person-Together Again!

*Saturday evening will feature the Paul Smith Trio, Ken Peplowski, Houston Person, Byron Stripling, Harold Jones followed by Marilyn Maye and her trio featuring Tedd Firth plus the Jack Sheldon California Cool Quartet.

*Sunday night’s closing sessions will include the Ken Peplowski Quartet, a Tribute to Rosemary Clooney by Debby Boone with Musical Director- John Oddo, Charlie Shoemake’s Tribute to George Shearing with Terry Trotter, Luther Hughes, Colin Bailey & Ron Anthony plus BIG BAND MEETS BROADWAY with Byron Stripling’s All-Star Orchestra featuring Butch Miles on drums!

Also featured  during this Labor Day Weekend jazz Celebration will be Dan Barrett, Chuck Berghofer and his Midnight Jazz Band,  Jim DeJulio, Matt Finders, Gary Foster, Paul Kreibich, Andy Martin, Jon Mayer Trio, Roy McCurdy, Ira Nepus, Tom Ranier, Bob Summers, Terry Trotter, and Scott Whitfield!

Tickets are now available for the complete four night, three-day package (Over 33 hours of jazz!) including the Sunday Jazz Brunch Cruise. Prices are $335/375. Individual reserved seats are priced at $60/$75 for evening performances and $40/50 for the Grand Opening Sessions,  $30 each  for “Friday & Saturday By the Pool” and $79 for the Jazz Brunch Cruise (space available). For tickets to the West Coast Jazz Party & Brunch Cruise, call the Jazzline at 949.759.5003 or for complete artist appearance times and an order form  visit our website at: . Those wishing to have a weekend getaway may also enjoy the Irvine Marriott’s special rate of $135 per night and $165 for concierge.  For hotel reservations call the Irvine Marriott Hotel at 949.553.0100 and ask for the WCJP rate.   The Irvine Marriott is located at 18000 Von Karman Ave., five minutes from the John Wayne/Orange County Airport, with free shuttle service.  Free self-parking will also be available for attendees.

The Gibson Brothers' new album in stores Now

Bluegrass duo The Gibson Brothers' talk about the "feel" of their new album, Ring the Bell. "It makes me think of being young and growing up in our small farming community in New York," explains Leigh. "It evokes memories of fellowship with the men who knew my Grandfather Gibson at church on Sunday mornings.  We'd see folks at the hardware store or the bank during the week and then see them all again at church each Sunday."

gibsonEric agrees that there is an elated intensity to the album. "There is a lot of joy in the music. I think you can tell in listening that we poured our hearts out - not that you can't tell on our other records - but the joy in our playing and singing. At the same time, it feels like our most hard-driving bluegrass album; there's more thump on it, a bigger sounding record than we've ever had."

That bigger sound comes from having the whole band - Mike Barber (upright bass), Clayton Campbell (fiddles), and Joe Walsh (mandolin guitar), and guest Mike Witcher from Missy Raines & The New Hip (resonator guitar) - playing on every track. "I'm very proud of how the band served each song," agrees Eric.  "There's not a lot of 'look at me' acrobatic playing.  It's more 'let's support the vocals, let's support the message of the song, the feel of the song'."

While Eric admits to loving all of the songs on the album, he cites the title track as one of his favorites. "It feels so uplifting to me," he says "and I love my brother's harmony on it." Leigh adds, "This song is a call to action for coming together in a world that sometimes seems intent on tearing itself apart. More than just nostalgia, it's a song about love of fellow man."

Produced by the two brothers plus bassist Mike Barber, Ring the Bell features six originals (including a co-write with Bob DiPiero) and new songs by Shawn Camp/Paul Kennerly, Chet O'Keefe, Joe Newberry, and Marshall Warwick, and a relatively obscure Tom Petty song, "Angel Dream." Staying true to their upstate New York farm boy roots, The Gibson Brothers recorded two agricultural-themed songs for this record, one written by Leigh ("Bottomland") and one by Eric ("Farm Of Yesterday"). "Bottomland", originally recorded for an unreleased Skaggs record, is given an old-timey treatment here and touches on the lives of sharecroppers. "Farm of Yesterday" was written as a tribute to their parents and the family dairy farm that belonged to the Gibson family from 1865-2000. Eric showed the song to Leigh who was moved but said, "it might be too personal to put on the record."  Eric replied, "Laying it out there could be the difference between a good record and a great record." "Farm Of Yesterday" is Leigh's favorite song on the album: "I told Eric he'd now written one Haggard would sing."

Of the album as a whole says Eric "I think everything about it - from the album cover to the songs - is an attention getter and I hope folks will notice. Brother bluegrass acts are almost as old bluegrass itself, but I feel like we've carved out a special niche for ourselves. We've hung in there and toughed it out - we're still in our 30's but I feel like we're bluegrass lifers."

Rex Foundation: May's Rex Musical Caravan Events & More

Thanks to all of you who have purchased The Dead Tour tickets in support of the Rex Foundation and other charities through  Here is the full announcement as well as contact information for any questions you might have to purchase tickets for the remaining shows.

The Rex Musical Caravan recently added a new May event with Melvin Seals & The JGB Band.  Bring your friends to to hear great music while also supporting the Rex Foundation, as $1 per ticket sold at each of the following is contributed to the Rex Foundation:


Check out all the different events that have been part of the Rex Musical Caravan since the beginning of 2008. We thank all the musicians, festivals and their fans for getting on board to further what the Grateful Dead started 25 years ago and demonstrate the power of the musical community to support grass roots philanthropy.  Let us know if you want to be part of the Caravan.



This is a particularly important time to celebrate how we as a philanthropic community can support the vital work of grassroots non-profits.  As we depict with the Rex Community Caravan, $5 or more in contributions can add up quickly to make a positive difference.  Check out all the great programs the Rex Foundation has supported thanks to your generous contributions.


As you will see in clicking through the various links in this message, the Rex Foundation has a new website.  We hope you enjoy the updated look and enhanced navigation.  We look forward to continuing to add information and features that demonstrate the vitality of our community of grantees and artists, as well as our on-going programs.

The Mamiko Taira Quartet at Drom NYC

ConnectForce Productions and Nippon Jazz NYC present an evening of jazz at Drom featuring New York based emerging Japanese Jazz Artists.  On May 9, Japanese vocalist, Mamiko Taira will be the featured artist performing along with Tadataka Unno on Piano, Joseph Lepore on bass, and Luca Santaniello on Drums.

Tickets can be purchased through the Drom website or at the box office, $10 in advance and $12 at the door. All the tickets purchased in advance are final and will-call pick up on the day of the event. There is no handling charge for web purchase.  Please visit or visit directly to:

New York based Japanese jazz vocalist Mamiko Taira is known as a crowd pleaser to both audiences and musicians alike.  Some may recognize her from Jazzconnect Vocal Completion or as a member of the James McBride Group. McBride describes her as “the kind musicians love to play with and audiences love to appreciate… she is a standout..." And, according to her mentor Mark Murphy "she is a talent in the art of vocal jazz." With respect to jazz and vocal jazz tradition, she sings with power and grace.  She has performed at The Kitano New York, Sweet Rhythm, Dizzy's Club Coca Cola, Blue Note New York, Birdland and many other well-known live music venues.

Mamiko Taira

Tadataka Unno (pianist)

Joseph Lepore (bassist)

Luca Santaniello (drummer)

About Nippon Jazz NYC:

Nippon Jazz NYC is one of the largest community groups dedicated to events focused on cross-cultural friendship building between the US and Japan.  Nippon Jazz NYC has regular bi-weekly engagements at Blue Owl Cocktail Room featuring emerging Japanese jazz artists.

About ConnectForce Productions:

ConnectForce Productions is led by Adren Hart who specializes in producing events featuring culturally diverse talent.   With his passion for music and commitment to connecting people through culture and the arts he has introduced many talented Japanese artists to audiences here in New York City, and he now proudly presents Mamiko Taira Live at Drom.

About Drom NYC:

Drom is a multi-event venue with a restaurant and lounge. With high ceilings, earthy colors and comfortable seating, Drom aims to provide a warm, inviting, sophisticated and informal atmosphere to relax and enjoy its multi-cultural and varied programming. Located in the East Village (85 Avenue A, New York NY 10009).  For reservations, call 212-777-1157

Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers @ Boulder Theater

Legendary rock and roll revolutionaries Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers (RCPM) bring their high-energy nationwide tour to Boulder Theater (2032 14th St.) with Railbenders on Friday, June 19, 2009 at 9:00 p.m.  Tickets ($21.50) for the 21+ show are on sale now and can be purchased at Boulder Theater and online by visiting here.

RCPM’s 2009 Tour has included stops at the acclaimed Tempe Music Festival April 3, The Pima County Fair in Tucson April 26 and will include the annual band-hosted celebration of life and music, Circus Mexicus in Rocky Point, Mexico, June 6.  With an intriguing array of unrivaled songs (laced with flavorful melodies, etched-in-your-brain hooks and inventive lyrics), RCPM injects a signature brand of high-energy showmanship into each of its live performances.  Fans of the band know there’s nothing quite like a live Peacemakers show.

Glow In The Dark, RCPM’s new live web-only release, captures the spirit and vigor of RCPM live.  The band once again loaded their guitars, drum sticks and amps onto the tour bus and traveled thousands of miles across North America in ‘08, delivering the kind of high energy rock show night after night that has become a Peacemakers' trademark. Music fans can experience the energy and excitement from one of the standout shows of the year with Glow In The Dark, which was recorded at Mexicali Blues in Teaneck, New Jersey.  To commemorate this memorable performance, RCPM is raising one more round with fans to celebrate with the unconventional release of the new live album.

Beginning on February 2, fans were given a unique opportunity to not only hear the show, but to watch the band perform a different song, both from the RCPM and Refreshments catalogs, each week for a consecutive 14 weeks. Producer extraordinaire Clif Norrell, the man behind The Refreshments' classic Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big and Buzzy as well as RCPM's No More Beautiful World and Turbo Ocho, was also there with trumpet in hand to work his magic on and off the stage.

Similar to 2008’s Turbo Ocho VivaCast, a page has been set up on where fans will find one new song from the show as well as the accompanying concert footage, each week through May 2009.  Each song and video will be streaming from the site to enjoy free of charge. As soon as a new song is posted on the site, it becomes available for purchase in RCPM’s digital download store. Fans can either buy a new song each week, or at the end of the 14 weeks, purchase the entire Glow In The Dark album at once. Glow In The Dark will not be released in standard CD form – only as a digital download available only through the RCPM website.

In March 2008, RCPM released the ambitious CD/DVD Turbo Ocho.  Featuring rock and roll in its purest form – edgy, careless and celebratory – the release was a result of the first-ever RCPM “VivaCast” (a term the band self-coined), which included a web cast that brought daily audio and video updates to thousands of homes during the recording process, culminating with a sold out concert in Cholla Bay, Mexico. With Turbo Ocho and now, again with Glow In The Dark, RCPM continues to break through old definitions of what is expected of a rock band to forge its own path directly to what matters most – the fans.

It’s no wonder RCPM’s out-of-the-box approach to recordings and releases garners a lot of attention, but at the end of the day, creating great music and making the live music experience an unforgettable one is the band’s primary focus.  Clyne’s songwriting is often compared to the greats of Rock and Americana music, including Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, John Mellencamp and Steve Earle.  As frontman for mid-90s The Refreshments, Clyne scored hits with the singles “Banditos” and “Down Together” and also secured a place in TV history when he penned and performed the theme for the hit animated FOX-TV show, King of the Hill.