"Reggae. Dub, Hip-Hop, Electronic or ? How about all of the above?!"


Submitted by -V Mouchilison Wed, 08/01/2012 - 3:15 pm

This group is not be confused with your average DJ sound, Sounduo takes pride by breaking the mold by using vintage samples, modern samples, live instruments, ambient sounds, heavy bass and electronic sounds while blazingt them through your speakers at full speed.

It is as if Tribal Seeds, Amp Live and Daft Punk had a love child!

Sounduo creatively mixes up a vibrant cocktail stimulating to all of your music enjoyment senses. Not only will this duo of Drummer and DJ/Guitarist  bring you high energy music, but this group accompanies their music with artistic multi-media visuals ranging from animations and clips from vintage films. And to make things even better their "unofficial" third member adds on amazingly synced lighting just to make your experience that more heightened!

Miami based Sounduo is hitting the road this month to start off their first full length East Coast tour, Dub Occupation 2012, following their release of their debut LP 'Depatures' Made in Glitch (Bass Science, Gladkill, NastyNasty, Samples and GRiZ). Sounduo also just launched their new website at http://www.sounduo.com/ and as a gift to their fans they are offering a free download of the track "Zion" if you join their mailing list.

Dub Occupation kicks off August 24 at Club 39 in NYC they will be sharing the stage with acts such as Ill Gates, Ill Esha, Samuel Paradise, Jimkata, Arpetrio, and many more.

For more information and a list of upcoming shows be sure to check out http://www.sounduo.com/.

Sounduo Tour Dates:
8/24 - Club 39 - New York City, NY 
8/25 - Mint Green Music Festival - Woodstown, NJ 
9/4 - Episodes - Tallahasee, FL 
9/5 - New Earth Music Hall - Athens, GA 
9/6 - Roasted Cafe - Macon, GA 
9/7 - The Five Spot - Atlanta, GA  
9/8 - Livewire Music Hall - Savannah, GA 
9/9 - Pitsurf - Devil Hills, NC
9/11 - Five Points Pub - Columbia, SC 
9/12 - Rapture - Charlottesville, VA 
9/13 - Canal Club - Richmond VA 
9/14 - Cidar House - Knoxville, TN  
9/15 - Sonar Club - Baltimore, MD 
9/19 - Wonderbar - Alston, MA 
9/20 - Stella Blues - New Haven, CT 
9/21 - Empire Dine and Dance - Portland, ME  
9/22 - Kingman's - Old Town, ME 
9/23 - Monkey House - Winooski, VT 
9/26 - The One Stop - Asheville, NC 
9/27 - The Pour House - Raleigh, NC 
9/28 - The Fillmore, Bass Church - Charlotte, NC
9/30 - Club TSI - Jacksonville, FL
10/2 - The Stage - Miami, FL
10/4 - Green Room Live - Ft. Lauderdale, FL