The A.M.s Release Debut Single, “Torn Vine”

Article Contributed by Trend PR | Published on Saturday, June 11, 2022

The A.M.s released their newest single, “Torn Vine.” The folk and blues-infused track blends rich, smooth vocals from Adrian Libertini with imploring, driving piano from Mariko Langan. “Torn Vine” is now available to stream on digital music platforms worldwide.

The passionate and raw lyricism shown in this newest track gives listeners a glimpse into The A.M.s’ wide range of emotional depth. “I wrote these lyrics nine months before my milestone birthday. I was thinking about my birth parents, where they were in the world, and perhaps forty years later, they would be thinking about me too,” says Langan. “When you’re adopted, you just want to know who you look like, and who you can unfairly blame for all your bad traits.” The track focuses on identity, and the confusing feelings adoptees can face. “Am I accepted, am I enough? Are these vines sutured with love?” is one of the profound lines presented in this single, highlighting questions that resonate with many adoptees. “Adrian sent me his musical idea: a lyrical line over strumming harmonics, and I immediately heard percussive piano underneath it. We’ve been building on that idea ever since, creating layers upon layers further illustrating the complex notion of identity,” says Langan. The track is just the beginning of this journey of self-discovery and reconnection.

The indie-folk duo consists of Adrian Libertini (vocals, guitar, bass) and Mariko Langan (piano, backing vocals), long-distance friends that met when Libertini tuned Langan’s piano. He asked her if she wanted to play together, and soon The A.M.s was born. Currently, they are writing and producing music separately across the West Coast — Libertini is based in California, and Langan is in Washington. Despite the distance, the duo has created over 50 songs and is working towards releasing their first album later this year. Their debut album, Ignite the Sky, was recorded at Earwig Studio in Seattle, WA with Jason Edwards on drums.

The A.M.s’ debut single “Torn Vine” introduces the heartfelt project and is the first single off their upcoming album, Ignite the Sky. The track is available to stream worldwide on digital music platforms. Make sure to follow The A.M.s’ journey by keeping up with them on Instagram @the_a.m.s_music.