Freedom Heartsong released New Rock Single "Warrior of the Light"

Article Contributed by Trend PR | Published on Sunday, May 8, 2022

Freedom Heartsong is a Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and multimedia artist. In late 2019, he signed a global distribution deal with Dark Star Records, Sony Music, and The Orchard which released his first album “Get A Heart On” on May 23rd, 2020. That same year, he became the #1 artist on the entire record label, and also one of only two artists submitted for a Grammy consideration, with his song “Ecstatic Magic.” In 2021 he was again considered for a Grammy with his single “Evil Grieves.” Blues is the foundation of all of his music, and the heart and soul of his sound. His original music as well as his solo and power trio live performances bring bluesy, soulful, rockin' and rollin' tunes filled with positive energy. He has rocked a variety of notable venues, from The Mint and The Viper Room in Los Angeles, to The Cutting Room and Otto’s Shrunken Head in NYC. He has garnered artist endorsements from Blackstar Amplification, Warm Audio, and Thimble Slide. His album Get A Heart On was produced, mixed, and engineered by Barry Pointer at Riott House Studio and mastered by Mike Wells Mastering. This summer, he will release his full length album entitled The Humane Experience, which he produced entirely, was mixed and engineered by Benjamin Cunill of Left Coast Label, and was mastered by twelve-time Grammy nominee and four-time Grammy winning mastering engineer Gavin Lurssen.

An all around self-taught creative, life experience and the learn by doing approach have been essential to Freedom’s growth and development. In addition to music, throughout his entire life, he has made countless artistic creations in a wide variety of disciplines including design, sculpture, woodwork, ceramics, painting, photography, printmaking, and poetry. From the rainforests of Costa Rica, to the cultural art and music centers of Africa, to the legendary clubs of Los Angeles and NYC, a rich diversity of cultures have influenced him along the way. With an international presence in the music and art communities, his fans and artwork can be found in many countries around the world. His work is infused with socially aware messaging and poetic meaningful lyricism overflowing with good vibes. He creates music with the loving intention of inspiring all people to be their best selves and enjoy life to the fullest.

Freedom Heartsong will release his new album, The Humane Experience, on June 17th, 2022 via Dark Star Records / The Orchard.