Joy Oladokun Opens Up about Fear of Criticism in Creator Sessions

Article Contributed by Trend PR | Published on Friday, November 5, 2021

Presented by ConvertKit, the Creator Marketing platform, the bi-weekly series, Creator Sessions delivers another set of remarkable performances intertwined with inspiring stories from an exceptional group of artists. The sessions has feature performances and intimate discussions from Drew Holcomb from October 15th, Joy Oladokun from October 29th, and Judah Akers coming up on November 5th. 

ConvertKit aims to  encourage creatives to make their living by pursuing their passions and doing the work that ignites their soul. Via Creator Sessions, the platform delivers encouraging and relatable performances from a variety of unique personalities including musicians, artists, videographers, and photographers, that resonate with viewers long after the session has ended. Previous sessions have showcased candid performances from Mandy Moore, Tyler Hilton, SNT JMS, Alt Bloom and many others. Uninhibited storytelling drives each Creator Session and provides audiences around the world with insight from members of the creative community. Current sessions with Joy Oladokun, Drew Holcomb, and upcoming Judah Akers promise more of the stirring, candid stories and performances that have popularized the series.

Joy Oladokun, a Nigerian-American singer-songwriter whose sound transcends genre, makes music that speaks to the human condition. Heavily influenced by her identity as a queer woman of color, Oladakun knows to never underestimate the power of words, “Words are such a powerful tool. I remember all of the best and worst things anyone has ever said to me,” she says. During her performance, Olakodukun discusses how she’s mindful of the art she puts out into the world, “I try to keep how my work will affect other people in mind, cause I think that’s really important and it’s something that we don’t challenge our artists to do enough.”

Returning to the series for a second time, Americana artist Drew Holcomb aims to instill a feeling of hope through the music he creates. “Everybody is trying to fight their way through some sort of hell;” says Holcomb, “people wake up every morning and there are dragons they have to slay that day. What I’ve learned is that music is here to help us overcome and get through life and survive those moments.” In this latest session, Holcomb details the beginnings of his music career and how his father reacted to his choice. “He said ‘Promise me that if it ever gets to where you know it’s not going to work, you’ll have the courage to walk away from it,’ and so far I haven’t had to walk away.” 

Judah Akers of the folk-rock trio, Judah and the Lion, attributes inspiration for some of the band's most popular songs to some of the hardships he faced. Their latest album, Pep Talks, touches on the impactful themes of divorce and alcoholism. “For me, songwriting is some of the best therapy,” Akers says. “I don’t believe in writer's block,” he explains during his session, “I think that means you’re just in a season of discovery, and you’re needing the rest.” 

These thoughtfully produced sessions illuminate the spirit, sentiments, and individuality of the creators in a way that invigorates others to continue their work and pursue their passions. 

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming sessions. The full series can be found on YouTube as well as on the Creator Sessions website.