Asleep at the Wheel | Boulder Theater | 8/13/22

Article Contributed by Becca Friedman | Published on Monday, August 22, 2022

I remember watching Asleep at the Wheel’s “Hot Rod Lincoln” on CMT with my Dad, back in the Eighties. Thirty plus years later, I had the rare treat of watching this ten-time Grammy winning band perform it live at the Boulder Theater. No need to rely on big stage glam or overcompensating back-up singers, Ray Benson sounded as robust as ever! His deep voice reverberated throughout the room, perfectly complemented by the rest of the band. Drums, steel guitar, mandolin and piano - everyone having a great time jamming up there. The energy was contagious bringing the audience to their feet, laughing and clapping, while Benson reminisced about Boulder performances decades past, when they avoided getting arrested. Wrapping it up with one of their newest, “Half a Hundred Years,” it was hard to believe any time had passed at all.

Asleep at the Wheel | Boulder, CO

Asleep at the Wheel | August 13th, 2022