Fuqua Shaw Rabin Jazz Trio | R Gallery | 5/18/23

Article Contributed by Becca Friedman | Published on Saturday, May 20, 2023

On the whole, unless a campfire is involved I’m a homebody at night. If night involves the rain, all the more reason to stay home. But last night I found myself sitting front and nearly center for Boulder’s new Fuqua Shaw Rabin Jazz Trio’s first ever appearance at R Gallery + Wine Bar. Their first set flew by, the rain kept coming down, I was on foot, and didn’t even care. The second set was even better. It’s rare to discover live jazz that’s all heart and no pretense - but this Jazz Trio accomplishes just that. Fresh and joyful, their sound vibed beautifully with R Gallery’s thoughtfully placed artwork. No mistake that the Trio placed themselves to strategically frame Tabitha Benedict’s remarkable Waking the Tiger on Venetian wax. They’re hoping to play at the R Gallery again soon!

Fuqua Shaw Rabin Jazz Trio | Boulder, CO