Laura Lauda has a voice like a Fairy Tale

Article Contributed by Becca Friedman | Published on Thursday, December 28, 2023

The first time I heard Laura Lauda sing was at Boulder’s Porchfest ‘22. Quite literally, my jaw dropped and I found myself leaning in. But as quickly as she appeared toward the front of the stage, she tucked herself back behind her gigantic Bass and off on the sidelines. I mentioned to a mutual friend immediately after, that she had a voice like a fairy tale and ought to use it more often. Wish fulfilled! With some professional voice coaching under her belt, she’s up there owning the stage. She’s part of the duo Kings of Oblivion, has played in other bands in the past such as the amerigrungeicana band El Dolor, and is working on more solo songs. Stay tuned for a Boulder concert date all her own.

In the meantime, be sure to like her band’s YouTube channel. They play out!

For bookings email: [email protected]