Kings of Oblivion | Mother Tucker | Louisville, CO

Article Contributed by Becca Friedman | Published on Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Local Boulder band Kings of Oblivion continue to impress with their eclectic set played earlier in the month at Louisville’s Mother Tucker. No Freebirding to be had here! For the last year or more, singer-songwriter Wysh Seidman has been taking some of his favorite poems and putting them to music. Lines like Ezra Pound’s, “The paired butterflies are already yellow with August,” could only be made more bittersweet with this band’s poignant notes. Check them out @apublicguy on YouTube. They’ve got summer in their veins and are looking to play! Available for gigs at cafés & decks and bars & yards near you! For bookings, email Wysh @ [email protected].