Collector's Dream: Grateful Dead Presents "Here Comes Sunshine 1973" Live Concert Box Set

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, June 30, 2023

Deadheads worldwide are eagerly celebrating as the iconic band unveils its latest treasure, the much-anticipated "Here Comes Sunshine 1973" live concert release. This extraordinary collection of five complete, previously unreleased performances, spanning across 17 CDs, promises to transport fans back to the heart and soul of the band's unforgettable era.

The "Here Comes Sunshine 1973" boxes feature an exceptional lineup of shows, including Des Moines, IA (5/13/73), Santa Barbara, CA (5/20/73), San Francisco, CA (5/26/73), Washington, D.C. (6/9/73), and Washington, D.C. (6/10/73). These historic performances were meticulously recorded by the legendary Kidd Candelario, Betty Cantor-Jackson, and Owsley Stanley, capturing the essence of the Grateful Dead's mesmerizing live experience.

To ensure an unparalleled listening experience, the audio has been newly restored and speed-corrected using the renowned Plangent Processes technology. Mastering maestro Jeffrey Norman has skillfully enhanced the recordings, bringing out every nuance and sonic detail to captivate both devoted Deadheads and newcomers alike.

True to the Grateful Dead's commitment to artistic excellence, the liners accompanying this release include insightful notes from esteemed Canadian author Ray Robertson, as well as contributions from The Owsley Stanley Foundation and Legacy Manager and Audio Archivist, David Lemieux. Adding visual splendor to the collection is the artwork and design by GRAMMY® Award-winning Art Director, Masaki Koike. Fans will also be treated to a custom-dyed Tenugui and an exclusive poster featuring a captivating illustration by Mary Ann Mayer.

As an exclusive offering, the "Here Comes Sunshine 1973" live concert release is limited to only 10,000 individually numbered editions. With enthusiasm running high, it's wise for fans to secure their copies promptly.

"Here Comes Sunshine 1973" is exclusively available at, the official online destination for all things Grateful Dead. Don't wait—visit today and secure your copy before it's too late. This limited edition release is a testament to the band's enduring legacy and the unwavering passion of its devoted fanbase.