Elvis Costello Releases Video for New Single "You Shouldn't Look At Me That Way"

Article Contributed by Richlyn Marketing | Published on Friday, December 1, 2017

Boutique microphone company Ear Trumpet Labs (ETL) celebrates the release of Elvis Costello’s new video for the single “You Shouldn’t Look At Me That Way,” featuring ETL’s Josephine microphone. The song was written, orchestrated, and performed by Costello specifically for the upcoming movie Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool, which is based on Peter Turner’s memoir about his life with the actress Gloria Grahame in 1978 Liverpool.

The video features Costello as well as scenes from the film starring Annette Bening and Jamie Bell. Costello is found on a stage in an empty theater playing piano and singing with Ear Trumpet’s Josephine model as the vocal mic – a nod to how he currently uses it for live performances. Costello began using the microphone on a tour with duo Larkin Poe in the spring of 2016, mostly as a single-micing experience for songs with Costello and Larkin Poe singing together on one mic. Single-micing has quickly become a signature of Ear Trumpet Labs, with multiple models, including Josephine, offering superior sound quality and striking visual appeal.  

Josephine is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone spring-suspended in a large, elegant copper ring. Best utilized for live performances, Josephine excels on vocals as well as small acoustic ensembles offering a full sound that performers, audiences, and engineers all describe as astonishingly natural.

Watch the video for “You Shouldn’t Look At Me That Way.”