Goosemas 10 | Hampton Coliseum | 12/9/2023

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Thursday, December 14, 2023

Goose returned for another night of thematic covers during their tenth annual Goosemas event on December 9, 2023, at Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Va. The prior night's show set the bar high, but the band was ready to double down and deliver an epic show. Tonight's space journey took the fans to a bubble planet named Puffaria, followed by a jungle planet named Vivadora in the second set. This also included a very special sit-in by musician Bruce Hornsby. There is no doubt that this quintet brought some serious "A Game" for night two.

Bassist Trevor Weekz | Goose

The show started very similarly to the prior night, with an elaborate stage set up that hinted at the set's planet destination. The stage was full of large bubbles that foreshadowed the circular-themed songs yet to come. A narration played as the band approached the stage, describing Puffaria. They began the set with the disk-shaped "Pancakes," and moved into the cylindrical, reggae-inspired "Doobie Song."

Goosemas | Hampton, VA

The covers flowed early this evening, starting with the contemporary "Circles" by Post Malone. The eighties classic "99 Red Ballons" by Nena proceeded vibrantly, and ushered the music back into "Pancakes." Bassist Trevor Weekz elevated this sequence. The covers were just getting started, as "Big Blue," by Vampire Weekend, was up next. An evil, dark jam emerged, and shuttled the music into a raging, eighteen-minute "Dripfield." This high-energy sequence was easily a candidate for jam of the night, as lighting director Andrew Goedde and his team put on a magical display of purple hues with their lighting rigs, while drummer Ben Atkind unfurled a racing beat. Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda kicked off the "Animal" tease to complete the circle, pun intended.

Guitarist Rick MItarotonda | Goose

The first set waned while Goose flew into "Red Bird." As this song began to transition, bubbles appeared to be moving from behind the stage into the crowd. Before anyone noticed, the band was singing "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles," by John Kellette, which happens to be the theme song for the Manchester United Football Club. It's unknown if the band picked up this catchy kid's tune during their recent European tour, but it was a jolly good way to leave Puffaria and end the set.

Goose | Hampton Coliseum

After a short break, the Connecticut-based quintet returned to send the fans to a neon jungle on the planet Vivadora for the final step of this Goosemas adventure. The first tune was the classic rock juggernaut "Jungle" by the Electric Light Orchestra. A wild transition ensued that was reminiscent of "Thatch," and transported the fans squarely into "Animal."

Blowing bubbles at Hampton Coliseum | Hampton, VA

A short, at least by recent standards, but sweet "Echo of a Rose" followed, in this jungle room. A fiery transition brought the music into "Run Through the Jungle" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. The swampy disco jam that proceeded ran through the jungle and back into "Echo of a Rose," closing out this high-energy sequence.

Welcome to the jungle planet Vivadora | Goosemas

The band was next joined by singer and pianist Bruce Hornsby for a soul-warming version of Hornsby's "The Way It Is." Hornsby is a Virginia native and played one hundred shows with the Grateful Dead. Multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach had a huge smile on his face as he watched this legend in action.

Goose welcomes Bruce Hornsby on stage | Goosemas

As if this was not enough, the band went full speed into "The Empress of Organos." This shorter version ended with some well-placed gong by percussionist Jeff Arevalo to commence "Jungle Boogie" by Kool and the Gang, before hopping onto the guitar. Anspach went into full-on funk mode with the clav and keyboard as they jettisoned back into "Empress." Arevalo was once again playing guitar at the end of this uplifting tune, which was a treat for the fans.

Lighting Director Andrew Goedde at work with all the visual feels | Goosemas

The set ended with the audience on their feet and wanting more. The band returned for one final tune, the quintessential "Arcadia." This version included a fun "Jungle Boogie" tease care of Anspach. It also included an ending full of confetti, to celebrate leaving Vivadora and the return to planet Earth. We certainly wish we were back on one of these planets, but are also very grateful that Goose took us along for the ride.

Merry Goosemas, indeed | Hampton, VA

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Set 1: Pancakes -> Doobie Song, Circles[1], 99 Red Balloons[2] > Pancakes, Big Blue[3] > Dripfield[4], Red Bird -> I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles[5]
Set 2: Jungle[6] -> Animal, Echo of a Rose[7] -> Run Through The Jungle[8] -> Echo of a Rose, The Way It Is[9], The Empress Of Organos, Jungle Boogie[10] -> The Empress Of Organos[11]
Encore: Arcadia[12]
Coach's Notes:
[1] Post Malone. FTP.
[2] Nena. FTP.
[3] Vampire Weekend. FTP.
[4] Unfinished. With Animal tease from Rick.
[5] John Kellette. FTP.
[6] ELO. FTP.
[7] Fast version.
[8] Creedence Clearwater Revival. FTP.
[9] Bruce Hornsby. With Bruce Hornsby on keys and vocals.
[10] Kool & The Gang. FTP. With Jeff on guitar and Animal teases from Peter.
[11] With Jeff on guitar.
[12] With Jungle Boogie tease from Peter.

Fans loved the show | Goosemas

Hampton Coliseum | Hampton, VA

Guitarist Rick MItarotonda | Goose

Goosemas | Hampton Coliseum

Multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach | Goose