JD Simo Releases New Single & Video

Article Contributed by e2PR | Published on Sunday, August 2, 2020

Nashville-based blues guitarist/singer JD Simo released the second single and music video, “Love” from his forthcoming full-length album, JD Simo due out on August 21, 2020 on Crow’s Feet Records.

Relix exclusively premiered the new single and video, JD told them, “This song and video embody exactly where I’m at, at this moment. Doing my best to stay positive and non-complacent in these times. During the pandemic, I’ve been more connected to my peers than ever before. I’ve also had time to learn skills and dive into records with a passion I haven’t felt since I was a teenager. Silver linings indeed. I made this with my friends and I’m proud to share it right now. The sentiment and vibe is what I want to share. Now is not a time for grandstanding, I feel. It’s a time to band together and be selfless, compassionate, and loving. Hope you enjoy my humble video.”

“Love” is a perfect example of JD’s versatility as a musician and songwriter. His most recent release, “One of Those Days” is a softer, more easy-going tune, while “Love” is a much heavier rock’n’roll influenced song. Distorted guitars and gritty, yet soulful, vocals throughout the track build-up to a Morello-Esque solo.

The music video features cameos from many of JD’s close friends and collaborators. Such as, Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi All-Stars, Phil Lesh & Friends, The Black Crowes, Grammy winner), Charlie Star (Blackberry Smoke, Grammy winner), Todd Park Mohr (Big Head Todd & The Monsters, Grammy winner), Lillie Mae (Third Man Records, member of Jack White’s band) Webb Wilder (Fat Possum Records, Grammy winner, co-host of the Americana Music Awards), and many more. Conceptually the video is JD daydreaming, as he has been unable to tour for months now and misses being on the road.

Though he can’t perform “in-person” JD has been bringing his music and personality to fans through a multitude of projects he’s started in quarantine. Greasy Time is his weekly Facebook Live series where he performs, plays some of his favorite music, and interacts with fans. JD has started an Instagram podcast series called Brother From Another Mother, where JD talks with other musicians. He has also started another Instagram series called #TShirtTales, where he supports local businesses, artists, and other things that he likes, while also creating Spotify playlists that coincide with each episode.