The Cuckoos Release New EP, Honeymoon Phases

Article Contributed by e2PR | Published on Friday, August 7, 2020

Austin’s, The Cuckoos today release their new EP Honeymoon Phases, exclusively premiering with Glide Magazine who said, “Over the course of six explosive tracks, they delve into a range of sounds and emotions. Opening track “Weekend Lover” is a synth-driven banger that feels like a fiery 80s anthem complete with digitized guitar-shredding, while “I’ll Be Your Tramp” brings to mind more contemporary influences like Man Man with its bouncy, carnivalesque groove and sleazy vocals.”

Kenneth Frost, lead singer of The Cuckoos tells Glide Magazine about Honeymoon Phases, “Although we could have released them [I Hate Love and Honeymoon Phases] together as a double album, we decided the two groups of songs have a slightly different flavor. Honeymoon Phases has a more uplifting, bittersweet goodbye quality to it, almost as if I Hate Love was going through an experience, and Honeymoon Phases is looking back on that experience in a new light. Maybe some bad memories jump back at you here and there, but, in the end you realize it was all just lessons to be learned to do better next time.”

The new EP is The Cuckoos’ follow up to their January release of I Hate Love. The three singles released ahead of Honeymoon Phases, “She’s Wearing Lipstick (From Someone Else’s Kiss)”, “I’ll Be Ur Tramp”, and “So Real, So Surreal”, have been lauded by critics and fans alike.

In premiering the first single, Blackbook said, “Sometimes a track is so far left of the current zeitgeist, that it’s a thrill just for that very reason. And Austin’s The Cuckoos have an utterly infectious new single, “She’s Wearing Lipstick (From Someone Else’s Kiss)”—from their forthcoming EP Honeymoon Phases—that has drawn to the surface a love of disco-goth-pop that we frankly never really knew we even had.”

Over the past year, The Cuckoos made an impact with fans, industry folks, and the press including Austin’s KUTX, American Songwriter, RELIX, and Pop Matters among others. 

Jedd Beaudoin of Pop Matters said, “[The Cuckoos] conjure memories of Bauhaus but with a more succinct, direct approach.”

In the absence of “in-person” live performances, and in celebration of the release of the EP,  The Cuckoos have teamed up with Bandsintown for an album release show. The performance will be streamed live on Twitch today, August 7 on at 3PM ET.

The Cuckoos will tour in 2021 to the delight of fans with dates to be confirmed.