Article Contributed by e2PR | Published on Saturday, January 18, 2020

Recording artist/hard rock band, JANUS today released a powerful song and video called, “Stolen Sisters”. The release of this song marks the first original JANUS cut in many years and is a plea about the ongoing plight regarding missing and murdered indigenous women and girls and JANUS hopes it will raise awareness.

The descriptive lyrics are underpinned by the driving beat and a protest cry, “See the face of our stolen sisters, know her name/calling out, she will never be silent.” The video matches the passion and cry of the song with images of indigenous women and girls as well as family members and protest marches intertwined with live performance footage of JANUS. “Stolen Sisters” is an anthemic dirge that leaves the listener/viewer energized by the music and informed about the issue at hand.

The video premiered yesterday on Pure Grain Audio who said, “[‘Stolen Sisters’] is a bold and intense modern rock track that is both gripping and powerful.” JANUS partnered with the Sovereign Bodies Institute on content for the video including the images and statistics shown. Sovereign Bodies Institute (SBI), is an affiliate of Seventh Generation Fund, a non-profit at the forefront of Indigenous leadership for 40 years.

To add another layer, “Stolen Sisters” was produced by multi-platinum producer David Bendeth (Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice & Men, Breaking Benjamin, Paramore) who has sold over 60 million records in his career. David Scotney says, “David’s excitement for the cause and my passion for the song made him the perfect partner to enhance the song and make it as meaningful and urgent as the message itself,” he continues, “David was amazing to work with. He's intense and, like any master of their craft, knows how to pull the strings and get the best song idea and performance out of you. It really happened without me even realizing it! I grew as a songwriter thanks to his involvement.”

“Stolen Sisters” is released through Music Sparks Change and oneRPM and can be heard on all streaming services.