John Craigie to Open for Jack Johnson

Article Contributed by HearthMusic | Published on Thursday, February 9, 2017

We're excited to announce that our own John Craigie, the Portland, Oregon Americana troubadour with a new album that just dropped in late January, just got picked by Jack Johnson to open for select dates on his 2017 Summer Tour! Yes, Jack Johnson of the banana pancakes fame (though I'm personally a big fan from his lovely work on the Curious George movie soundtrack). John and Jack met up just recently in Hawaii when John was touring over there last month, and the two hit it off onstage, with Jack sitting in with John's set. Now John Craigie's joining Jack on tour at some major venues (see below). The Avett Brothers will also be joining in for the 07/22 date!

Here's a note from John Craigie about this: "I tour Hawaii annually in the winter, but this year was incredibly special. Having Jack Johnson sit in and play during my encore was one thing, but more importantly, I got a chance to hang out with him on the north shore for a couple days after. I always respected him as a musician, but it was nice to get a chance to get to know the real Jack. Now I have the opportunity to join him and his band on their west coast tour this summer. These will be, hands down, the biggest venues and crowds I’ve ever played for. And another chance to hang out with Jack."

Just wanted to share the good news! Would love to talk about John's new album! Here's more info on that. Let me know what you think! Did you get a copy of the album? Let us know if not and you'd like a copy.

As Portland-based Americana songwriter John Craigie says, “It is the job of the folksinger to present someone to the audience that is relatable.  To dissolve the wall between performer and listener as much as possible. People want to hear your story, that in turn, is their story too. Music is not about making you feel better. It’s about making you feel that you’re not alone.” With the songs on his January 27, 2017 release, No Rain, No Rose, Craigie does just that—brings together talented friends, many staples of Portland’s music scene, beneath the umbrella of his cozy, well-crafted songs.

John Craigie’s life in Portland is the impetus for much of the material on No Rain, No Rose, which has the same easy and down-to-earth feel of the old Victorian home where Craigie gathered to record with his community: Gregory Alan Isakov, The Shook Twins, and Tyler Thompson and Jay Cobb Anderson of Fruition. Even the title of the album, No Rain, No Rose is an ode to Portland. “I took it from an old Buddhist saying ‘No Mud, No Lotus’, which basically means, you need the bad things to make the good things.  I changed it to reflect my rainy city of roses,” says Craigie.