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With Park City Song Summit, organizers have set out to accomplish one thing over the course of September 7-10: redefine the live music experience.

Live performances are a major ingredient of the Song Summit, but this intimate mountain retreat for music lovers orbits around the minute details of the creative process itself—the why and how music comes about, struggles and breakthroughs alike—in an open dialog with the finest songcrafters of our modern age.

Acclaimed indie-folk singer/songwriter John Craigie is gearing up for his third KeepItWarm Tour, the biggest tour of his career, beginning November 10th & 11th with back-to-back shows in Arcata, CA. In the tradition of past KeepItWarm tours, Craigie has partnered with nonprofits for these shows to help the communities he plays for, with $1 from each ticket sold going to a regional charity.

During this age of COVID-19, touring musicians across the land have been creative with the process of bringing music to their fans while maintaining some ability to generate revenue. Live video streams have been a ubiquitous way to accomplish both, and more recently pod-separated, limited attendance performances have emerged.

In the late 1960’s a revolutionary, counter movement instituted by our nation’s youth was born. It focused on experimentation, heightened awareness, groundbreaking sounds, including statement pieces, rebutting the system, and casting off conservative social values. ‘Summer of Love’ was the name given to soften the period which was criticized by the mainstream. (Let’s call it as it was. They were freaked out by the hippies.) Without question, it was a turning point, shifting our perspectives. We are now in the midst of another rebellion. This better be our ‘Summer of Love.’

John Craigie releases his track “Don’t Ask” from his upcoming album Asterisk the Universe, out June 12th via Thirty Tigers. Originally released as a solo version in 2018, the song quickly became a live fan favorite. Craigie reimagined the track with a full band arrangement, featuring a funky groove underneath Motown-inspired vocal arrangements. Listen to “Don’t Ask” HERE and also check out the digital B-Side, a cover of Blaze Foley’s “Oval Room”.

Today, indie phenomenon John Craigie releases his track “Vallecito” from Asterisk the Universe, out June 12th via Thirty Tigers. On “Vallecito,” the modern-day troubadour ruminates on the choices one makes when faced with adversity.

Indie phenomenon John Craigie announces his newest album Asterisk the Universe, out June 12th via Thirty Tigers. Known for his wry wit, articulate lyrics and unmatched sense of humor, the charismatic singer/songwriter employs the captivating storytelling skills he has honed through years on the road. Political but not preachy, Asterisk the Universe features Craigie’s observant, character-driven lyrics alongside an earthy mix of soul, folk and rock. The result is his most inspired work to date.

The dire lack of affordable housing and a sharply rising inequity gap are driving San Francisco's homeless population to numbers not seen for 15 years with more than 8,000 people living on the city streets. Statewide, California has 129,972 homeless people (2018), the largest street population of any state (source: Kevin Fagan, San Francisco Chronicle, May 16, 2019).

Attendees gathered gracefully for the 7th Annual ARISE Music Festival at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado to set intentions, relish in world-renowned teaching, and dance their hearts away to some of the best national musical acts and pioneers in our beloved music scene. With over 450 programmed acts, Arise Festival covered a lot of ground in bringing top-notch entertainment and education to their guests.

ALO on February 23 delivered a wondrous two-set performance in Sacramento that was an excellent representation of how the jammy, jazzy, funky, poppy, electronica four-piece displays its lively endeavors of excellence. Such musical escapades, in turn, visibly pleased the audience, many of whom were “on the bus” for many gigs the band’s 12th annual Tour d’Amour, which always runs before and after Valentine’s Day. Singer-songwriter John Craigie opened the show.

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