Magic Beans Broadens Lyrical Palette and Artistic Dimension With Release of “You & Me”

Article Contributed by Orange Daisey | Published on Wednesday, July 26, 2023

In an insightful examination of life, death, and the clarity stirred by life’s final moments, Magic Beans delivers lyrical depth and artistic range in its newest release “You & Me.” Dropping today, the single demonstrates a broadening musical palette for the band as they infuse the tune with Americana, folk, and country sounds.

With over 100 songs in their repertoire, Magic Beans’ previous lineup has primarily offered a jam-band, funk sound known for crowd-pleasing rhythms to evoke fan connection and interaction. Leading audiences on a path of reflection, “You & Me” introduces a new dimension in songwriting for the band. By intentionally branching into fresh genres, the style generates a sound crafted to complement the message.  Acoustic guitar, piano, b3 organ, and three-part harmonies are knit artfully together to serve the song while lifting the lyrics in melodic accord.

In “You & Me,” the narrator’s day starts out like any other. Even though he takes note of elements of beauty as he embarks on a new day, he slides casually through the routines of the morning. Through an abrupt turn of events, he quickly realizes he is facing immediate death. In his final moments, he hears a voice ask what he wishes for his remaining time. The narrator requests his favorite song and names some of nature’s gifts that he will mourn no longer experiencing. Ultimately his perspective sharpens as he says, “... most of all, I’ll miss you and me.” A relationship proves to be the treasure of his life.

When asked about the inspiration for the piece, songwriter, and band leader Scott Hachey discussed the events provoking him to consider what he would cherish if suddenly confronted with death. A personal experience incited Hachey to internal reflection. He pondered, “What’s it like to have your last moments alive? What would I want on my deathbed? What would I tell myself to find solace? What mattered to me?” The single grapples in self-examination from the vantage point of a life cut short. The listener is directed to focus with gratitude on the greatest gem: appreciating relationships with loved ones.

“You & Me” was conceived in Minnesota in the setting of Hachey’s family cabin. To bring the song full circle, the band determined to record it in its birthplace. While other tunes were also slated to be laid down at the time, plans were thwarted when a thunderstorm knocked out power for a week. Although the Beans were unable to capture the other tracks during the recording session, “You & Me” resiliently emerged. Hachey feels the song was “meant to be” and holds a special place in his career as an artist.

Breaking into the Colorado music scene in 2010, Magic Beans quickly recognized the need to differentiate a distinct sound in a scene flooded with aspiring talent. Drawing from a wide range of American artists, the band invented its signature style in flavors of funk, R&B, rock, and soul with some country influence.

In addition to Magic Beans’ performances in venues like Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the band founded and hosts the Beanstalk Festival in Eagle County each year. Gearing up for its 11th event, the band anticipates grooving together with festivalgoers from across the nation this summer.

With this latest dive into Americana music, Magic Beans establishes extended scope in songwriting and lyrical vision. Presenting an exciting addition and a new taste to their collection, the Beans look forward to introducing “You & Me” to fans far and wide.