Magic Beans Marks 10-Year Milestone With Full Release of “Slice of Life”

Article Contributed by Orange Daisey | Published on Thursday, April 29, 2021

Rounding a 10-year milestone on the Colorado music scene and persevering through a one-year tour break, Magic Beans announces release of its third album “Slice of Life” today. Aptly named as a peek into the band’s year off tour, the 14-song album weaves a tapestry of sound purposefully mastered to stir deeper connection with Magic Beans fans.

With the pandemic rendering physical shows an impossibility, Magic Beans faced the challenge of building community without the experience afforded by in-person venues. Thrown outside of the rhythms of life on the road, the band regrouped and returned to the studio. The unexpected disjuncture offered a space to focus on strengthening bonds with fans through the music. “It’s a completely different approach when you’re coming at this without the live show in the picture at all. It was a totally fresh and truly studio-oriented experience,” Magic Beans reflected.

Determined to thrive artistically while reaching into the lives of fans from afar, Magic Beans considered its roots, its current reality and its future. Discovering elemental clarity for its newest project, the Beans pushed into experience-evoking sounds to win not only followers, but listeners for life. The album’s underpinnings stem from a desire to build a sense of connection, no matter the circumstance, obstacle or distance.

Focused on crafting distinct sounds reflective of the Beans’ personality, the band built to a creative peak. Interlacing varied harmonies, the final album delivers a playlist inspired by a blend of funk, soul, live electronica and bluegrass. The band stated, “We have such an immense respect for all the ways to approach making music that we really leave nothing off the table.” Enlisting the talents of artistic powerhouses including David Glasser of Grateful Dead recordings, Torrin Daniels of Kitchen Dwellers, and Nashville’s Steelin Hearts, the band birthed track after track to produce the “Slice of Life” compilation.

Recent debuts from the album spotlighted three of the album’s singles. “Sweet Thang” is a nod to the soul, funk and R&B players of the 60s and 70s. With inspiration from the Minneapolis sounds of Prince and Morris Day, “Sharon Is Karen” takes on the flashier and sexier era of 80s funk. ”Footprints in the Rain” embraces local flair with Colorado tastes of Americana and bluegrass. The track’s sounds are reminiscent of Billy Strings, Greensky Bluegrass, Infamous Stringdusters and other genre bands. All indicators point to hearty reception of “Slice of Life” by fans. The Mishawaka album release show on May 8 was sold out by mid-April.

Magic Beans broke into the dense fabric of the Colorado music scene at the Fox Theatre in 2010. The band quickly recognized the propensity for festival-circuit jam bands to inadvertently produce similar sounds. Desiring to differentiate itself in a sea of talented artists, the Beans set out to shape its signature style. With a wide range of American influences, the band injects unique energy into each piece. “We’re always listening to new music, as well as the classics, and try to stay inspired to push the envelope and reach new musical realms,” the band said.

In addition to Magic Beans’ performances in venues like Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the band founded and hosts the Beanstalk Festival in Eagle County each year. To date, the band boasts eight festivals attracting more than 1,000 fans per event. Festivalgoers from across the country groove to the sounds of Magic Beans and invited guest acts. True to Beans vision, the festival remains fan-centered as the band seeks direct interaction and feedback from attendees.

Invigorated by the perspective granted by the last year, Magic Beans embraces 2021 with a renewed commitment to captivate followers. In offering its own “Slice of Life” to listeners, the band welcomes a glimpse into the lives of fans as the music aims to kindle meaningful connection online or on stage.

To preview the entire “Slice of Life” album, visit Spotify.

Watch the official “Sweet Thang” and “Footprints in the Rain” videos on YouTube.