The Mishawaka Amphitheatre Turns 100!

Article Contributed by The Mishawaka | Published on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Two themes have remained constant at Mishawaka Amphitheatre over the years: music and community. Homesteaded in 1916 by Walter S. Thompson (and originally called “Thompson’s Resort”), Mishawaka Amphitheatre has provided a memorable gathering spot for Colorado residents and visitors to enjoy food and beverage, art, music, and spectacular natural surroundings for 100 years. Today, venue owners announced plans to celebrate the Mishawaka’s 100th anniversary with a series of events, specials, community-minded collaborations and concerts, kicking off in January with festivities extending through September 2016.

Dani Grant, Mishawaka Amphitheatre general manager, describes the plans as individual events connected to historical happenings. “We looked at significant dates in 1916 and planned related celebrations,” Grant said. “It is our intention to honor Mishawaka and her fans with each special event, all of which will maintain the music and community focus. It is such an honor to invite everyone to enjoy this incredible authentic place and its history. We are all very excited about commemorating the upcoming 100th year.”  

Grant said the anniversary celebration will include deals and discounts at the restaurant, the release of Mishawaka Ale (a 2016 signature Odell Brewing Company beer), a video premier, building with Habitat for Humanity, a commissioned original art release and gallery show featuring local artist Chris Bates, VIP parties, and more. The pinnacle event will be a special 100th anniversary concert featuring a surprise national touring act to be announced with the 2016 season lineup.

More details will be released over time on all of the events currently being planned, and perhaps more that may come to fruition. The information will be made available via the Mishawaka website ( and through social media channels. A general schedule of events can be found below:

Mishawaka Amphitheatre 100th Anniversary Celebration (current schedule of events)

Steak Your Claim: February through September 2016

February kicks off this season-long special restaurant offer. The original property homestead application fee for The Mishawaka property was a mere $18, and Walter S. Thompson paid it in February of 1916. Mishawaka wants to treat customers and the community to a hearty dinner special including a steak, an appetizer and a draft beer -- all for $18. Available February through September 2016.

Sleep-out at The Mish + Chris Bates Original Mishawaka 100 Art Reveal: March 2016

In March of 1916, the Thompson family had their first overnight at the property. In March of 2016, Mishawaka will host a sleepover party with musical entertainment for customers. The sleepover will be preceded by a gallery exhibit revealing the Mishawaka 100th anniversary art piece commissioned from local artist Chris Bates. Details will be announced February 1, 2016.

Season Lineup Video Premier at Fort Collins Museum of Discovery OtterBox Digital Dome: April 2016

Join us to find out what the 2016 season line up has to offer and see the 2016 Mishawaka video filmed by Koi-Fly Productions in the OtterBox Digital Dome Theater at Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. Additionally, see the museum’s exhibit on the High Park Fire and learn more about the survivors and the horrific event that caused so much strife in the canyon. This event will be free and open to the public, but will require RSVP as space will be very limited. RSVP access for the season lineup and video viewing will be released March 1.

Odell Brewing Company Releases Mishawaka Ale: May 2016

Odell Brewing Company will release a signature seasonal beer dubbed Mishawaka Ale. The first opportunity for the public to try it will be at our annual season kickoff concert, Head for the Hills “Pickin’ on the Poudre” on May 14. Tickets will be available when the season opens in April of 2016.

Habitat for Humanity and Mishawaka Partner to Raise Roofs: June 2016

In June of 1916, Walter S. Thompson began to build the famous dance hall. In order to get it done, he relied on the mental and physical support of extended family and friends. Mishawaka values the help of family and community to make dreams come true, so we partnered with Habitat for Humanity to raise funds for their organization and celebrate community spirit. Join us in June 2016 for a Habitat for Humanity building event that includes musical entertainment and refreshments by Mishawaka. Details will be announced in April 2016.

Unveiling the Historical Chronicle and Exhibit at Mishawaka Amphitheatre: August 2016

There are many artifacts and media pieces that have been collected over the years by fans and friends of Mishawaka. We are creating a permanent display of these items for the public to enjoy. The details will be released for this event in July 2016. If you have any Mishawaka artifacts or memorabilia to share with us, please contact us at [email protected].