Skunkmello just released Cruising For Tacos During the Apocalypse – Part I.

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Direct from Smog City, USA, Cruising For Tacos During the Apocalypse – Part I is a cataclysmic cannonball into a half-drunk horizon of dusty bottles and the pale urban jaundice of our time. It pulls together a brief but elegant universe, built from fast-food wrappers, highway hermeneutics and busted beer bottles, and filled with the folks that populate the vibrant world beyond the simulated technicolor feedback-loop.

A high-test street marinade of garage-folk, fuzz-country, sewer-blues and red-eyed rock and roll, this new record is served up proper with some grilled pineapple and the collected ground-scores from a bizarre, paisley-noir dystopian nightmare. It follows the band’s five critically acclaimed previous studio efforts, the 2019 fuzz-country burner, Discount Liquors, 2016’s Hot Chicken (available on vinyl from Moped Music), 2014’s Stars & Stripes, 2013’s Lowlife Dreams EP, and 2012’s raucous debut, The Whiskey & Oatmeal EP.

A slab of science for the current times and throwback to the faded days of jam-econo gone by – Cruising For Tacos will help you ward off the end of days with a with a margarita and a bellyflop into a pool-full of piranhas. Not from concentrate and not for the faint of heart.

Smog City, Smog City. A little grilled pineapple goes a long way in this town. Just hold on for Part II.

General Info: Skunkmello has established itself as a top-tier fixture of the NYC and Los Angeles rock-and-roll scenes and champions a hard-earned reputation as a wild and unruly national touring act. They are routine outlaws at festivals such as SXSW, CMJ, Musikfest and the Outlaw Roadshow and have opened for the likes of ZZ Top, the Counting Crows and Phillip Sayce.


Crusing For Tacos During The Apocalypse - Part I (2021)

Discount Liquors LP (2019)

Hot Chicken LP (2016)

Stars & StripesLP (2014)

Lowlife Dreams EP (2013)

Whiskey & Oatmeal EP (2012)