Space Kamp Drops New Single "Girl Like You"

Article Contributed by Press Junkie PR | Published on Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Pennsylvania based group, Space Kamp, is on a mission to break rules and spread love around the globe with their forthcoming album “Electric Lemonade.” After spending 3 years on the road touring and gaining a cult following of dedicated “Kampers,” the band has honed their stylistic sonics. The new album takes listeners on a sonic trip, mixing Psychedelic soundscapes, Hip Hop, and Reggae while keeping to the mission — breaking rules and spreading love. ‘Electric Lemonade’ is due out June 26th! 

Space Kamp is comprised of Oskee and Adoo, founders of Rebel Hippies, the cannabis culture lifestyle brand and radio show. They first came together to make music in 2017 with the goal to create whatever felt right and without limitations. Their music exploded onto the scene with their first single “Stoner Chic” which garnered critical accolades from Hightimes Magazine, endorsements from, Illadelph Glass, Beard Bros Pharms, Weedmaps and SRH Productions; and currently resides on 150 Spotify playlists (and counting.) Soon after, they hit the road with the release of “Terpene Station” their collaboration album with lyricist Spit Divo and producer, Juno awards winner, Rob the Viking (Swollen Members, XL the Band). The band embarked on three U.S. tours, two tours in Canada, gaining a dedicated following along the way. Every Space Kamp show promised high energy, good vibes and personal connections to the audience. Every tour, “Kampers” follow the band from city to city, and their brand Rebel Hippies, founded by Adoo with co-owner Stoney J, have become a part of the Space Kamp community, from must have Rebel Hippie concert tees to supporters showing off Rebel Hippie and Space Kamp tattoos and custom artwork.

In 2019, they hit gold once again with producer Rob the Viking who captured their ever progressing sound and vision with the release of the 7″ vinyl only, “Break Rules x Spread Love / Neon Soul.” A record where Space Kamp pushed the boundaries of experimentation and moved to All-Live instrument production. And now in 2020 they return with “Electric Lemonade.”

Adoo reflects, “When we started the group our focus was on touring. Spending so much time together we really got to know what each other likes and dislikes and what inspires us. Once it was time to write and record the album it felt organic, we were zoned in and on the same page. There were no real debates on anything. We had the time of our lives making the record and think above all that’s what comes through in the music.”

For the new album’s demo, they recorded at Space Kamp’s home base Dizzibot studio in Allentown, PA with engineer Jeff “Big City” Freer. And for the masters, they teamed up once again with Rob the Viking at The Chamber Studio, in Nanaimo, Victoria Island, BC. The title track, “Electric Lemonade,” Space Kamp recorded at the legendary Hyde Street Studio (formerly Wally Heider) in San Francisco. Adoo comments, “We were on tour and had the opportunity to get a session and couldn’t pass it up. Recording in a place where greats like Grateful Dead, CCR, 2Pac, Green Day and so many more have created in was truly a blessing and a memory that won’t ever fade.” The new album was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Rob the Viking, with guest production from: DJ Hoppa and TabinStereo and guest appearances from Demrick, DJ TMB, Split Divo and Jessica Lamb!

The new album is stacked with standouts including the title track Electric Lemonade. Space Kamp explains the title track and the album name, “There is an old saying if you get lemons make lemonade. Weʼve been dealt a lot of lemons! No matter what you’re faced with you gotta make the best of every situation.” They continue, “We take that attitude and put some electric in it. It’s like going above and beyond in everything you do.” They also were inspired by the iconic Monterey Pop Festival, Oskee comments, “Inspiration hit after watching the film of Jimi Hendrix performance at Monterey Pop Festival. Our goal is always to immerse ourselves in our art and creativity, going above and beyond with no regard for boundaries or limits.”

The track “Chicken and Waffles” came about serendipitously when they first arrived in BC to record the new album with Rob the Viking. Adoo reflects, “We were walking with Rob from the studio and he was telling us about this great Mexican restaurant that was across the street. After we dropped off our bags we headed out. We were talking about our kids and family, joking about how this record was gonna make Oskee’s son’s mother really believe in him, and make his father proud. As we walked up to the restaurant we saw it was named “Jeanaʼs” which is her name. We sat down at the table and as we did, one of Oskee’s dad’s (the Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Cuco Valoy) came on the radio in the restaurant! Oskee won’t admit it but a single tear rolled down his face!” 

Space Kamp

He continues, “We knew right then we had something, the universe doesn’t lie. We made an interlude the next day that ended up being the intro for the song ‘Chicken and Waffles.’” It was the perfect addition to the 4 A.M. after-the-party waffle house anthem!

“500 Miles” is groove oriented song about the road less traveled, facing challenges and hardships but always remembering the light at the end of the tunnel. “Girl Like You” is another standout, about that one in a million girl that makes you really feel alive. This song will be accompanied by a music video release. “In my Bag” features Demrick and beats by DJ Hoppa (AKA Stoney Point) a throwback to touring with the group and brings back the vibe of their live show. “Home Grown” is a feel good tune that reminds Space Kamp “no matter where we go we will forever be home grown.

Reflecting back on the new album, Adoo comments, “I think our only real goal was to be honest, have fun and make a positive record that we felt was timeless.” Oskee continues, “It’s been a long time coming and feels good to finally see our vision come to life. This project represents growth for us. We have grown as artists and more importantly as people. We feel this album is a new beginning and the start of our journey.”

In celebration of the new release the duo will be releasing new singles every Tuesday for their special Tune-in Tuesdays leading up to the release of the album. Every release will be accompanied by a video visualizers to ensure your audio and visual experiences are 100% Rebel Hippie!

As soon as they can, Space Kamp will tour the new album with more unreleased music. They look forward to getting back on the road with the “Kampers,” a place they consider their 2nd home. Space Kamp comments, “In a time of negativity, social status and greed we feel like the world needs the message of peace and love more than ever. We make Rebel Hippies music, think for ourselves, break Rules and Spread Love!”