Space Kamp

The east coast based psychedelic reggae hip-hop duo Space Kamp is excited to announce their new single “Waiting for Summer” out now! Catch the new song here:

The psychedelic, Hip Hop and Reggae genre-bending duo Space Kamp release their new single “Sunrays No Shade” on December 18th. The new single is the first release since their critically acclaimed and fan favorite album Electric Lemonade.

The Pennsylvania based group, Space Kamp, is on a mission to break rules and spread love around the globe with their forthcoming album “Electric Lemonade.” After spending 3 years on the road touring and gaining a cult following of dedicated “Kampers,” the band has honed their stylistic sonics. The new album takes listeners on a sonic trip, mixing Psychedelic soundscapes, Hip Hop, and Reggae while keeping to the mission — breaking rules and spreading love. ‘Electric Lemonade’ is due out June 26th! 

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