Super Saturated Sugar Strings with Intuitive Compass @ Sam Bond's Garage

Article Contributed by Sue DuMond | Published on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Super Saturated Sugar Strings are a soul-shaking, infinitely charming band from the far north of Alaska. Powerful, funky and alt-folky, the SSSS’s have a very nostalgic, yet contemporary sound; rich with vocal harmonies, string melodies, and an element of carnival sideshow. Their gypsy-country vibe has stirred a fervent congregation of dedicated fans stretching from the Last Frontier to the lower 48. The Anchorage Press remarked "If they must be categorized, let them be called orchestral alternative rock, or foot-stomping symphonics. They’re to be savored and ingested through all the senses like one does with groups like Beirut, Andrew Bird, Pink Martini or Devotchka.” The SSSS’s have self-released three albums, Heart Shaped Leaves (2014), Harmonic Toast (2012), and are touring in support of their upcoming2018 release “All Their Many Miles."

Intuitive Compass is the diverse talents of song writer and guitar pioneer, Jason Dea West taken together with old time circus freak and accordionist Aurelia Anne Cohen. Purveyors of “Original Western Folk Music” they offer a timeless sound, invoking a musical America of the past with out ever sounding dated. Their provocative lines and dynamic arrangements include elements of country blues, old-time, vintage swing,jazz, frontier balladry, instrumentals and the perpetuation of traditional folk songs.

Intuitive Compass

Date: 11/29/17

Time: 9:00 PM
Where: Sam Bonds Garage 407 Blair Blvd, Eugene, OR 97402

Tickets: $5
Phone: 541-431-6601
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