Article Contributed by Greg Knight | Published on Friday, October 27, 2023

Today, instrumental quartet TAUK is set to release their latest instrumental studio album, EQUALIZER, coinciding with their performance at their highly anticipated Oogie Boogie Nights Halloween event in Denver.

The new album, EQUALIZER, encapsulates TAUK's innovative creative approach, promising an immersive listening experience that pushes the boundaries of instrumental music. Heralded by singles “Melvin’s Mind,” “Sound the Alarm,” and “Home of The Beast,” the project delivers innovative, inspired, and enthralling studio work.

“EQUALIZER leans into the part of TAUK that is all about letting the compositions take you through a lot of twists and turns. Chaos Companion focused a lot on groove and texture and pushing ourselves to explore new tonal territories as a band. And of course TAUK Moore led us down an entirely new path. This album is a bit of a return to some of our formative writing styles. I’m not worrying about trying to condense the songs into a more concise statement. All the guys in the band bring so much to the table and it’s just fun to throw some wild ideas out there and see how we all make sense of them together. These songs are about just finding joy in the wild noises us four guys can make together when we don’t set any boundaries.”  - Matt Jalbert (guitar).


TAUK's unique sound, a blend of jazz, funk, rock, and electronica, has carved a distinctive niche in the improvisational rock scene and beyond. The band, consisting of Matt Jalbert (guitar), Charlie Dolan (bass), Alric “A.C.” Carter (keys), and Isaac Teel (drums), is known for its genre-bending approach to music, high-octane live performance, technical proficiency, and ability to reimagine iconic songs from past decades.

Thus far, 2023 has seen TAUK ignite stages across the nation, including performances at revered festivals and venues such as Summer Camp Music Festival, Brooklyn Bowl, Mountain Music Festival, The Peach Music Festival, and The Blue Note Jazz Festival. June saw TAUK collaborate with Charleston, SC’s acclaimed powerhouse vocalist Kanika Moore to release Tauk Moore - a groundbreaking nine track EP (listen).

To celebrate the album release, TAUK kicks off their second annual Oogie Boogie Nights Halloween event at Denver’s Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. The first night (10/27) will feature TAUK and Dopapod, Shawarma, and special guest DJ Mongo, and night two (10/28) will see a TAUK Moore performance, alongside sets from Dandu and newcomer DJ Sleepy. Both nights will include sets from Doom Flamingo.

EQUALIZER is available now on all major streaming platforms, and tickets for both nights of Oogie Boogie Nights are available now.

For more information about TAUK and EQUALIZER, and to purchase tickets, please visit www.taukband.com.