Tennessee Jed Releases Pimpgrass featuring All-Star Band

Article Contributed by Golden Relations | Published on Thursday, February 15, 2018

Pimpgrass is an Americana blend of funk and soul fused with traditional bluegrass and country music, aka: Bluegrass with Bling, and "Tennessee Jed" has cornered the market.  His album is a perfect blend of opposing genres that come together for a magnificent party that you will be glad you attended.

Pimpgrass is TN Jed's fifth album and features an all-star band boasting multiple Grammy® awards winners and nominations, a basket of IBMA awards including the current Fiddle Player of the Year, the 2017 recipient of the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass, and even a full barbershop quartet. Co-produced, mixed and mastered by prestigious Scott Vestal at Digital Underground Studio in Nashville, TN, the album was recorded live, mostly in single unrehearsed takes with few overdubs or edits. 

Highlighting honest lyrics, powerful vocals, and a whose-who of the best musicians in Nashville. Pimpgrass runs the gamut from rowdy, fast pickin' to soul-felt ballads with a few surprises thrown in between. Teetering between genres from Americana, bluegrass, R&B, and country, TN Jed creates the patchwork quilt of his musical history while expertly crafting stories that are touching, funny, and authentic.

The title track "Soul-Country Pimpgrass" is toe-tapping, fast pickin' bluegrass tinged with soul. A composition where you can actually hear the players having fun playing. The more Americana- "You Can't Get There From Here" is a melancholy ballad as beautifully written as played. While "Sweet Relief" combines "Appalachian Zappa-esque" humor and a testimonial of the absurdity of praying for material things; while the R&B classics "Shout" and "Kiss" are creatively reimagined. This album is as unique and diverse as Jed himself.

Over The Mountain
Can't Get There From Here
Sweet Relief
Opie's Intermezzo
Sunup 'till Sundown
Soul-Country Pimpgrass
The Train From To Carry Me Home