The Wood Brothers | Fonda Theatre | 2/29/2024

Article Contributed by Jason Berk | Published on Saturday, March 2, 2024

Approaching nearly two decades together, it might still surprise many that Chris and Oliver Wood only began their musical collaboration shortly before forming their band. The Wood Brothers, comprising Chris, Oliver, and drummer/keyboardist Jano Rix, delivered an electrifying performance at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood last Thursday evening, showcasing a chemistry that suggested a lifetime of collaboration.

Jano Rix | The Wood Brothers

Oliver Wood | The Wood Brothers

Chris Wood | The Wood Brothers

The Wood Brothers | Fonda Theatre

In support of their 2023 album, "Heart is the Hero," the band took the stage at approximately 9:45 PM. They commenced the show with the delicate "Between the Beats" from their latest record, gradually escalating the energy with "Line Those Pockets" and the album's opener, "Pilgrim." These songs allowed Rix to demonstrate his remarkable ability to maintain a funky rhythm on the drums while simultaneously delivering keyboard solos. Despite not being a Wood by blood, Rix's impeccable synchronization with the brothers' intricate play made it seem as though he shared their innate musical connection, perfectly aligning with every subtle shift and nuance.

Chris Wood | Fonda Theatre

Jano Rix and Oliver Wood | Fonda Theatre

The Wood Brothers | Los Angeles, CA

Chris Wood, donning a pinstripe suit and hat, initially gained recognition with the jazz-fusion trio Medeski, Martin & Wood. His jazz roots were evident in his adept upright bass playing. Additionally, Chris occasionally switched to a vintage Hofner Violin electric bass for tracks like "Little Bit Sweet" and the audience's favorite, "Wasting My Mind." Oliver, handling most of the lead vocals and guitar work, impressed with his fluid fingerpicking and robust blues solos, his light brown hair accentuating his musical fervor. Jano, the trio's dynamic element, was a whirlwind of activity, moving from his drum set to the front stage to play the "shuitar"—a percussion instrument fashioned from an old guitar—enhancing the band's acoustic performances with a rich, full sound.

The Wood Brothers | Fonda Theatre

Concluding the main set with the beloved "Atlas," the band underscored a universal truth: nearly two decades later, audiences still crave music that balances sweetness with a touch of bitterness, wrapped in an immensely enjoyable performance.

Chris Wood & Jano Rix | Fonda Theatre

Chris & Oliver Wood | Los Angeles, CA