Althea Grace

FORE, the new EP from Chicago Farmer and the Fieldnotes will be available on Friday, March 4th 2022 for downloading and on all streaming platforms. The first batch of FOREPACK!!!! sold out, but Forty Four more have been added to the website which included the 4 song EP, two stickers, and a koozie for your non 13 dollar beers.

Let’s look at the creativity and courageousness exposing the truths, the deep meaning underfoot, like bugs after the rain, this past year has been insane. Rearranged and renamed, complaints unrestrained, this is the new normal. I’d wanted to write scripture about Shoe Fest, some sort of article of faith, a declaration of devotion to what made me fall in love with festivals in the first place… Alas, this is my iconoclast blast that shall be touted on Facebook groups across America, the finest in toilet reading material.

Greeted at the door, we were taken to our seats right up front for this fancy evening out on the town.  City Winery has amazing food, locally sourced wine, and most importantly, excellent acoustic sound. The room is built for intimate music and cozy experiences.  Cozy is the way to politely say tight quarters. When Jimmy, John, and Kate were seated next to us, I wasn’t sure where to put my elbows.

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