Bonfire Dub

Colorado Reggae Rock band, Bonfire Dub, releases a long anticipated new single “Never Settle” – the first of more to come. They are celebrating with tour dates including a keynote speech by Scotty Stoughton, band frontman.

Never Settle

The release of “Never Settle” comes highly anticipated, as Bonfire Dub has been performing the song for some time now. They are finally ready to officially record and release it.


INTUIT formed in 2011 in Boulder, CO and began to shape their sound and intentions together on the campus of Naropa University. With roots in reggae, funk, jazz, blues, hip-hop, folk, and world music, the band has developed a distinguishable sound of their own. Their song writing crosses genres with a rich improvisational component that keeps a fresh live energy to their wide repertoire of original music. With heart-warming lulls, climactic peaks, and endless stylistic shape–shifting, Intuit delivers a captivating groove that all can enjoy.

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