Midnight North

Midnight North, formed by singer-songwriters Grahame Lesh and Elliott Peck, take their cue from the fertile Bay Area music scene and are set to release their next studio album Diamonds on the Zodiac via Americana Vibes on November 10, 2023.

Formed in 2012 by singer-songwriters Grahame Lesh & Elliott Peck and taking their cue from the fertile Bay Area music scene, Midnight North has announced their fifth album Diamonds on the Zodiac, a continuation of their musical direction forged during the release of the group’s 2021 record There’s Always a Story. Today, they share the lead single “The Colors Here” which is a direct testament to their rich Bay Area heritage featuring Phil Lesh on bass.

Midnight North | Twilight | eTown Hall | 4/13/23
Midnight North | Cold Rain And Snow | eTown Hall | 4/13/23

There's Always a Story represents a new chapter for Midnight North. Ten stories told through song on their most polished album to date.

THE HOG FARM HIDEAWAY music festival will take place June 9-11 at the legendary Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, California. The event is presented by an independent, women-owned production company called Shooting Star Events. As part of the lead up to this exciting event, the producers are taking the opportunity during Women’s History Month to shine a spotlight on the many strong women who are involved on the stage and behind the scenes.

Hoot and holla! Flannel Jam, Levitate’s Fall music festival, returns for its third year this Columbus Day weekend at a New England town near you!

Midnight North releases Selections from Levon Helm Studios, a new live album via Americana Vibes. Selections from Levon Helm Studios features a mix of Midnight North originals with classic rock hits such as “Don’t Do It” and “Luxury Liner.”

With a keen eye on musical evolution, the band still looks back and savors their favorite moments. Selections from Levon Helm Studios celebrates a very special night for Midnight North: November 9, 2019 at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY.

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