Jorma Kaukonen

Jorma Kaukonen, a luminary in American rock and blues, boasts a career that intertwines with significant musical movements and personal artistic endeavors. Celebrating his 83rd birthday today, December 23rd, 2023, it's an opportune moment to delve into his rich and varied journey in music, emphasizing his pivotal roles in Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, as well as his commendable solo ventures.

Last Thursday night, the Paramount Theatre in Denver, Colorado became the setting for the world to bid farewell to the electric configuration of the legendary group Hot Tuna. Forming in 1969 and powered by the renowned chemistry of Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady, Hot Tuna originally came together as a side project to the duo’s full-time gig in Jefferson Airplane.

On Saturday, October 14, a loving and celebratory, 200-guest Station Hall audience at Jorma Kaukonen’s famous eastern Ohio guitar camp, Fur Peace Ranch, cheered on the guitar legend and his Hot Tuna bandmates Jack Casady and Justin Guip through a passionate, late-afternoon concert of electric blues, ballads and tougher stuff.

A palpable aura of nostalgic reverence enveloped The Parker Theater in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday night, as the venerable rock-blues trio Hot Tuna took to the stage, embarking on the Fort Lauderdale leg of their "Going Fishing 2023 Tour." Jorma Kaukonen (guitar/vocals), Jack Casady (bass), and Justin Guip (drums) didn’t just play a concert. They orchestrated a journey, intertwining over 50 years of music history into a night of emotional, electrifying performances.

Jorma Kaukonen | Barbeque King | Boulder Theater | 8/6/23

When you hear the name Jorma your mind completely overloads with memories of a distant time and place. You cannot help but relive the sounds of the '60s and '70s. This was an era of movement through music that has left an undeniable and unforgettable impression on humanity, social awareness, and musical culture that spans this big round spinning sphere. I really have no idea where to begin other than to convey my deepest respect to Jorma Kaukonen. He is a pioneering father figure of the San Francisco psychedelic musical awakening.

Even by his usually busy standards, 2023 looks to be a pretty chunky year for the pioneering West Coast rock guitarist Jorma Kaukonen. Usually, he and his stellar faculty of musical masters are holding a full schedule of workshops by now at the music camp, Fur Peace Ranch, which he runs with his wife Vanessa out of Pomeroy, Ohio.

City Winery Boston is welcoming rock and roll legend Jorma Kaukonen live in concert on Friday, June 23rd at 8:00 PM. In a career that has already spanned a half-century, Kaukonen has been one of the most highly respected interpreters of American roots music, blues, and rock.

Mercury Studios will release on July 7 a special three-CD boxed set of Hot Tuna, in-concert from the ‘90’s. Complete with full acoustic band—no drums—at The Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, California two nights in a row, and at Stove’s in Yokohama, Japan. Originally released by Relix in the ‘90s, then reissued/remastered with bonus tracks by Eagle Records in 2004, the box will house for the first time all three shows in one sterling package complete with poster.

City Winery Boston continues to celebrate its 5th anniversary, with a range of performances featuring music and comedy legends along with today’s emerging stars.  For a complete list of shows that are on sale now, visit

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